Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pushing My Luck

Since I joined QCATS I've not really been in many ships bigger than a destroyer. Corp fleets are generally later at night so I'm tending to get some much needed solo practice in. I've always tried at solo, but it takes much more player skill than in a fleet fight. Therefore I generally die more often than not!
Last night I logged on and there were no corpies in the home system. There were a few friendlies in system, as well as a bunch of squids. I undocked a Hawk class assault frigate and warped to a medium plex. As I landed I found a squid Taranis, Enyo and CN Hookbill killing a friendly destroyer. I charged in whilst swapping the EM Rockets for explosive. I crashed into the Enyo at point blank range and decided that wasn't a great idea, so pulled a bit of range back. Not sure what was happening with the other three on field as I was concentrating on battering the Enyo. As he slowly entered structure I noticed the Taranis had come in close. The Enyo popped and I pointed the interceptor. With a scram on him my rockets made short work. My ASB's had kept my shields at around 20-30% even with 2 or 3 of them shooting me. I assessed the situation. The other destroyer had gone, perhaps taken out as I was hammering the Enyo and the Hookbill was keeping out at 25-30km with his light missiles. I activated the acceleration gate and went inside the plex as I couldn't catch the Hookbill.
The Hookbill left scan and I went back to station to repair my damaged modules. Overheat FTW!
Whilst there I decide to swap the Hawk for its hybrid platform sibling, the Harpy. Whilst I'm messing in station I see war targets appear in local. A few seconds after that I undock, warp to the plex and have ships on short range scan. Kestrel, Thrasher and a CN Hookbill. Any of those three could be an issue if fit right. But what the hell, it's a laugh isn't it. So I activate the gate and go in.
They are all near the button. The Kessy is speed tanking by the look of it so I go for him. He'll be AB fit for speed tanking and popping him will get the rats on my side evening out the 3v1. I'm not sure but I think the Kessy turned into me. Even with tracking disruptor's on me, he went down quickly as you would expect in a AF vs frigate fight. The Thrasher has got on top of me and we trade blows. Missiles from the Hookbill are hitting me but my shields are holding. The Thrasher goes down and I get a point on the Hookbill who is for some strange reason in scram range even though he's light missile fit. However, he is AB and scram fit (explains why he was near). My MWD is dead from his scram and my blasters are barely scratching him at 8km range. He's also making range being substantially faster. He gets out of scram range, I cycle my MWD catch him, he scrams my MWD and gets away. This happens two times before he manages to warp off in low armour. Damn!
I head back to station to repair modules which again have taken a thermal hammering.
The war targets return to system again, same corp as the last fight. It's time for round 3! I undock and scan. Multiple assault frigates, destroyers and faction frigates. OK lads, 6v1 and you all came in heavier stuff this time.
It the words of the Black Knight...
"OK, we'll call it a draw!"

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