Monday, August 20, 2012

The Fall of the Amarr?

Whilst a few weeks ago things were looking up for the Amarr, in the last week that has changed. Nulli and Hun have left and with the continued push against Kamela, Wolfsbrigade (Lost Obsession alliance) have also left.

As I write this the Amarr have 21 systems vulnerable, have lost seven systems so far today and of their 6 remaining systems that are not vulnerable or lost, five are 25% or more contested. Even with Agony joining the Amarr, I don't see any other outcome than the Amarr being reduced to one or two systems within a few days.

Obviously the tears are flowing on the forums. Its Hans' fault, its CCP's fault, its someone else's fault. Come on guys, HTFU. With Nulli and Hun you pushed the Minmatar way back. If you'd busted all those bunkers rather than just kept them vulnerable so you could farm LP's you'd have been winning.

Also look at the killboards. Minmatar have 70% efficiency to your 58%.

Some Minmatar are now calling for a push to take all systems from the Amarr. I think it was in 2009 when the Caldari Militia took control of all the warzone systems and CCP gave all the members of the Caldari Militia a medal. There is talk about forcing CCP's hand to do the same for the Minmatar.

But will the Matari be able to take every single system?

Whilst I do not share the general Amarrian view that FW is broken beyond repair, I do think CCP need to look at the mechanics carefully. You can debate whether the station lock out hampers system capture, but look at it this way. If this was true then how did the Amarr make 25 of the Matari held systems vulnerable a week ago? How did they get the warzone control to Tier 4? How did the Amarr fight back from having only 5 or 6 systems to being T4?

However, the most important thing is that they need to reward PvP better and stop things like this.

Come on CCP, stick a few web towers in these plex or make it so that the beacon doesn't count down for aggressors unless all the NPC ships have been destroyed. Then plexing in a ship with no guns will be pointless and we'll get some more fights! FW currently is about farming, I want to see it about PvP!

P.S. Just noticed SC&S has passed 100,000 page views! Thanks all!


  1. I've never understand why this afk plexing exists at all. It's kind of ridiculous to get reward from a "War Zone" without fighting...
    There are so many mechanics in game to make it work better. Shooting the rats is mandatory, hacking the control tower might increase spawns and lower time to complete the plex.

    Am I the only one who sinks that 1/4 of the price at T5 control is too much? (or did I got that wrong?)
    In eve, you are farming standings ofer weeks to get this last 0,X percent in refining away or push your self towards more worthy agents. and in FW you get a 75% discount if your troops manage to rock the place for one weekend?
    Wouldn't 15% and 30% make enough difference to make it worth there time? ISK sinks would be better and still a good reward for getting to T5.

    Would some "underdog bonus" help for better fights? if your enemy has T4 you get 10% extra LP per kill, on T5 you get a bonus of 15%.

    Gratulation to the 100k.

    1. "Am I the only one who sinks that 1/4 of the price at T5 control is too much? (or did I got that wrong?)"

      That depends, are you talking about 1/4 compared to base prices, or compared to T5?

      LP store prices halve every tier, so T5 is actually *1/16* the price of T0 (and T0 is the 'normal' position for a militia to be in).

    2. Ive never seen it put that way. That is flat out ridiculous.