Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Drackarn's 1v1s - January - Noob Ships

At the start of the year I said I'd arrange a specific 1v1 of a certain ship type each month and blog it.

The month of January was vs Cheradenine Harper aka @spacenoob1 from the #tweetfleet.

The rest of the planned fights so far are as below....

January - Noob ship vs Space Noob
February - Frigate vs Rixx Javix
March - Industrials vs Seismic Stan
April - Retribution Destroyers vs Jace Errata
May - Faction Frigate vs TBC
June - Interceptor vs TBC
July - Assault Ship vs TBC
August - Cruiser vs TBC
September - HAC vs TBC
October - Battlecruiser vs TBC
November - Battleship vs TBC
December - Carrier vs Kirith Kodachi

So this month is Noob Ships. I'm Caldari by birth so I went for the Ibis. Shield tanking 2/2/2 simplicity!

For the highs I could go either rockets or hybrids. Given the need for tackle and tank, a prop mod was not an option if I went with the Ibis. So I went for rockets to give a 10km range. Thinking about it after the fight, did I need the scram? It was an arranged 1v1 so may be not.

Mids were ASB and scam. Lows were getting difficult due to CPU issues of using T2 mods. I chucked a CPU upgrade in there and a BCU to give my Noob Ship some extra DPS. This was my plan, the ASB would give me 146hp every 3 seconds for 7 cycles. So around 49 DPS tanked for 21 seconds, but when the reload came I'd have no tank. The Eve fitting screen showed my two rocket launchers would kick out a whole 47 DPS and my single Hobgoblin would add 19 dps to that. So 66 DPS.

I undock my awesome noob ship of awesomeness and head to the pre-arranged system and made a safe. I get Cheradenine in a fleet and when they get into system they warp to me. I then realise I need to think about this more as I've just let them decide rang. I'm hoping they are not in a long point, sniper fit as I'm dead with no prop mod and a DPS range of 10km.

Nope, they land close. Ah another mistake, I don't have fleet members on my overview! I need to click them in space to target them. Not easy! I need to zoom out! Ah got them! That's given him a few seconds head start!

I start returning fire and activate the ASB which reps up my shields almost fully. As an armour tanker, my first couple of rocket salvo's take his shield down heavily.

But wait! His shields just jumped back up! He's ASB fit too. This is going to get interesting! We're both at point-blank range kicking each others shins. He appears to be out of charges in his ASB and I'm hitting his armour. The bonused Caldari Navy kinetic rockets crew through his armour. But my ASB is now dry.

Thankfully looks like my shields will hold out. So I zoom in for an action shot.

Before he pops with my shields looking rather low!

I'm wondering if he activated the ASB too soon or overheated it. It appeared to run dry before mine. All-in-all a good short fight and props to Cheradenine Harper for a gf!

You reading this Rixx? I'm coming for you next ;)


  1. o7 and GF!

    I did both. Landed, freaked out slightly, and rammed the ASB on and realised I'd preclicked overheat on both top and middle racks.

    Another bad was the gamble on MWD and you were packing scram.

    Very enjoyable. I even enjoyed being chased around 3 celestials by a Malediction in Tama on the way to the actual fight.

    Looking forward to seeing the outcome of the frigate fight!

  2. "Crew! Start polishing those fighters! We gots a fight comin'!"

  3. I'll take one of the fights against ya! May or July, is you wish!

  4. March - Industrials vs Seismic Stan

    So both in unbreakable ASB fits since the cargo hold can fit enough charges to last until the next downtime?