Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Gallente - Doing it Charlie Sheen Style

I don't like posting two days in a row, but last night was special. Following the Gallente Militia's concerted campaign starting just before the holiday season, the last Caldari system was about to fall.

The system of Ladister, home to some of the most dedicated plex'rs in the Caldari State was over 90% contested and resistance had stopped. The Gallente militia was very close to conquering the entire war zone. A feat only achieved once before by the Caldari in 2009 (I think).

It was past 2am my time when the last faction war plex was captured and the Ladister iHub became vulnerable. A large fleet of battleships mainly from Drunk 'n' Disorderly but with a number of others, such as QCATS left Nisuwa heading south. We had to hurry as the Gallente Militia had turned out in force to capture the bunker as soon as the system went into a vulnerable state.

When we arrived there were already a lot of militia there shooting the infrastructure hub. We were expecting to be hotdropped. We had contingency plans ready. We were ready. So we shot at the last remaining Caldari iHub. We kept shooting it. Nothing came. We shot it some more. Still no response. We had assumed some large alliance may have taken the opportunity to drop in on the party. May be the newest members of the Caldari Militia, Ev0ke, would come to say hello. But no, nobody came.

As it looked like victory was within our grasp, the fireworks started!


The iHub was captured, we unfortunately didn't get a fight, but we had won! The Gallente now control the entire warzone.

So what next......?

Firstly I do think CCP should give the active militia pilots a medal as they did when the Caldari did the same in 2009. The infrastructure is there and surely the Federation would want to recognise the efforts of their capsuleers. And that is what it was, an effort. All that offensive and defensive plexing over the last month. I have 2,000,000 loyalty points mostly due to all that plexing. It was hard work!

Next up we want some CCP canon on the fallout of the victory. I want to hear Tibus Heth rage if he is in any state to do so after being shot. I want to hear about Jacus Roden dancing the 'Funky Chicken' at the Gallente victory party! This is something that cannot be left to the players. This is the realm of official CCP cannon.

And finally we can assume the Caldari will have recaptured several systems by the middle of next week. Why? Because the Gallente Militia are utterly burnt out from a month of heavy plexing. So you'll see a resurge in Caldari systems very soon. But for now the Gallente are doing it..... Charlie Sheen Style!


  1. Awwwww Ladister was great for getting fights/getting blobbed by Cal FW. Gonna have to go further afield now :(

    1. I don't think so. Don't underestimate the amount of work that went in to doing this. The Gallente had people plexing that I'd never would have expected to plex EVER!

      This was a goal - to conquer all systems. A huge amount of people are now going back to their usual Eve lives and are burnt out. The Caldari will have systems back before the end of the week and I bet Lad is a primary target of theirs.

  2. All the systems, and still no Tier 4. Oh the joy.

  3. Well done. This surely was a great effort to push through. Played well and won, it's still possible to get all FW systems. Will be interesting to see how fast Caldari will capture some back.

    Pretty sure that it will balance back again as it is exhausting to push through such a campaign.