Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Rook Off!

Quick post today, busy!

Since the Combat Recons gained D-Scan immunity I've been looking at potentially using the Rook. I have one in Nisuwa I could have brought over. It was one of those ships I never really used.... because of Falcon.

In faction war most fighting is destroyer and frigate ships so what if I put a bait something like that in a medium plex along with a Rook? Enemy D-Scans plex, see's a "lone" destroyer and goes in for the kill.

First up is the support/bait ship. I don't want to be dual boxing in the fight so I tried a Dragoon. I can stick two remote sensor boosters on it, crank up the drone DPS with damage augmenters and assign a flight of 5 Hobgoblin II's to the Rook. Then that can just sit and wait.

The Rook has a full set of rapid light missile launchers, scram and dual web, two-sebo's and some shield tank. Lows are BCUs, rigs are targeting speed.

I have the lock speed of almost a Cockbag Thrasher at 1500mm and dish out 700 DPS nicely along with the assisted drones from the Dragoon. Tank is pretty bad but it'll wipe out most frigates and destroyers before they can do any damage.

Yup, I think I need to try this out on TQ!


  1. I thought the drone assist mechanics were wonky in low sec. Do you have to put your Dragoon pilot to safeties on red for drone assist to work?

    1. Yes, of course alt's safety must be off as they are subject to same rules of Crimewatch. If I attack a neutral then the alt gets a flag and a sec status hit. Drone assist working fine in low.

  2. Its for this reason CCP are watching how their being used. Check CCP Rise's initial post about making these changes. If you do this, so will everyone else. Then they'll get nerfed. So please go ahead.

  3. The tarp uses remote sebos from the Dragoon to give Rook chance of catching the frigates and dessies of Faction war. Entering solo they might escape.