Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Ships of the Hasmijaala Push

Following on from Monday's post, lets look at some of the ships that were very popular on both sides of the conflict over the last few weeks.

The Sniper Corm.
Both sides used this destroyer fit extensively. It is a long-range sniper boat designed to hit from far away. The 150mm railguns loaded with Spike give you a great range for a Destroyer. With my skills I could hit out to 92-98km. The problem was with MWD and two sensor boosters to allow you to target that far you had no tank. A true glass-cannon fit.

7 x 150mm T2 Railguns
MWD and 2 x Sensor boosters
Mag stab and TE (or two mag stags for max DPS)
ACR and two optimal range rigs

The Gunless, Kite Tristan.
This was popular with the Froggies. With speed links in system these things would zip about at high speed and use their drones to attack from range. With Griffin and logi support it was very hard to counter this meta.

No highs.
MWD, long point, MSE.
2 x Drone damage links and an over-drive injector
EM, Kinetic and Thermal Shield rigs.

The Derp Tristan
Forged in the chop-shops of the deepest ghetto's of the State comes the Derp Tristan. A 1.5m ISK sacrificial frigate that has no fucks to give... at all.

2 x T1 75mm rail and a neut.
MWD, Scram and a MSE
DCU, Auxillary Power Core and a Drone Damage Augmenter
Overclocker and EM/Kinetic rigs

Cheap Algos
Whilst mostly used on the Caldari side, this cheap and tanky destroyer was used by both militias.

5 x 75mm T2 rails and a neut.
AB, Scram and web
Reinforced bulkheads, 400 plate, DCU
Structure HP rigs

Kitey Kestrel
A common sniper set up used by both sides. 90km+ range.

4 x light missile
MWD, 2 x sebo with range script, Target painter.
2 x BCU
Rigs can be either tank (not a lot of point) or missile range rigs.

Another version was also common using a medium shield extender and a sensor dampener along with shield rigs. Knocked range down to 60km but added a sensor damp which is always useful.


  1. Credit where credit is due, the Kite Tristan was shamelessly stolen from the Spaceship Samurai crews who were using it over in the Innia area a couple weeks before.

    - Veskrashen

    1. Mmmm Kite Tristans. We miss you Ant Ant!

      - Than

  2. This is making me a bit tempted to start up an alt on one of my accounts and plex for training to make a CalMil pilot. the kestrel and Tristan are the first 2 ships I loved in the game, and I have spent a good amount of time in both during my early days. then again I could take my main, pop him into a blank clone and go boots to the floor in CalMil for a few months with no fucks given... maybe after a couple years of play and 40 mil sp its time to give faction warfare a try