Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Outnumbered and Outgunned

Logged into Eve Online yesterday to an email saying that Rapid Withdrawal are pushing forward in our area. "Right!" I thought, "I'll go kill some of them. That'll teach em a lesson trying to capture our space!"

Jumped into Nagamanen.

T3 destroyers and cruisers outnumbering me 8 to 1. I scanned a few plex, saw what was inside and went back to Has. Looked at who was online in corp, docked up and logged off.

When I was looking for a new corporation late last year I looked carefully at activity. I could solo enough in QCats, I was looking for some fleet and small gang action. I needed to find an active corp in my timezone. I did what any self respecting Eve Online player does, I made a spreadsheet. I logged the kills and loses of all potentials in my own primetime that I might be interested in trying to join or ones that other people had suggested for me on this blog or on Twitter. I tried to find the most active PvP/pirate corporation in my timezone. At GMT +4 its a struggle. Thats the same TZ as Russia east of Moscow, Kazakhstan, western parts of Turkey and Syria, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi, UAE, Oman, Somalia and Madagascar. I did get an invite from a Somali group when I said I was looking to join a bunch of pirates but they appeared to get confused when I asked if they were all minus ten. They did say they honoured ransoms though.

Templis was the clear winner in number of kills in my TZ and proximity. However, I didn't know then what I know now. That was at the time the filthy frog scum were pushing for the Templis home system of Hasmijala. December and January were great months for me. I logged on and there were usually half a dozen in corp on, fleets already rolling and we could kill frogs. It was glorious! In the last week of December when I joined I got 67 kills. January it was up to 211. My most active month since November 2013. Then the Gallente Militia stopped trying to take Hasmijaala and everyone went back to their normal routines. Their normal routines being not logging in during the GMT +4 timezone. I still solo'd but went down to 5-20 kills a month.

I suppose last night I could have sat in a neighbouring system in a plex hoping for a 1v1 but the entire area was crawling with Frog and blues were a rare sight. Most likely to have bait show up and then it decend into a Drackarn gang-bang as a small fleet shows up to kill me.

What I need to do is up my ships. To this effect I decided to grab a faction frigate and go out and take the fight. Efficiency be damned!

I went for a Fed Navy Comet and headed out. What did I find.....?

Not a single Frog.



  1. FW can be a pain,
    in your area;
    -Stay Frosty is more loose with fleet ops but is all about being undocked and active.
    -Spaceship Bebop often has fleets rolling - but you won't like that they're Gal mil.

  2. This is a good stuff and this blog kept me busy a while.

  3. I actually joined RDRAW about a month ago, and - in between my issues with my computer - I've been having a great time. The "squids" (as I now know they're called) have generally not blobbed, and I've found a lot of 1v1 fights in my T1 frigs. Sure, they blob from time to time in their home systems, but more often than not, I've found a lot of good duels. Great respect all around!

  4. You can always come back to QCATS. We're not dead yet...