Sunday, August 30, 2015

SCASSSS - How Long Has THAT Been There?

For Friday's fiction I wanted a screenshot of a Gallente structure that could be the base of Operation Phoenix. I had popped into null and screenie a Gallente Outpost but then went to Dodixie to look at possible stations as I wasn't happy with the outpost. I then noticed a beacon for a Celestial Agent. Thought I'd try that. I get the pop up as I select warp.

An Impetus agent awaits you in this deadspace complex.
Impetus are the leading creators and distributors of all sorts of entertainment: holoreels, cheap XXXgraphy, even seedier (or perhaps, more ethically questionable) means of kinetically visual fare. Regardless of their product, the entertainment lifestyle is decadent and glamorous, so talking to this agent might provide you a glimpse into that exotic world.

I've been to Dodixie countless times, never seen this before!

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