Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Cold War? Luke Warm Maybe?

March, just like most of 2016 so far, has been pretty shit. Oh, I've had some good times but generally the year has been very much doom and gloom. Not in a Rixx Javix "the US law is an ass and could send me to jail for something that is not my fault" bad, but bad enough. Therefore I've not been on Eve very much lately.

Yesterday I decided to log on for the 45 minutes befor the Eve Widow got home from work for some PvP. I log on near Asaki, obviously I logged out there last time. It took a minute to recover from "WHERE ARE ALL MY SHIPS???? I HAZ BEEN HAXZ! Oh.... this is not Ishomilken!". I undocked and ran the pipe back to Iso. Only ship I encountered was a Fed Navy Comet that would have murdered my rocket Kestrel. I then ran the Nikki pipe all the way to the high-sec boundary before returning to Isho. I then sat in a plex hoping someone would come in. A few landed on the gate and then warped off. I finally got someone to come at this bro... and it was a fellow Stay Frosty corpie. So I headed back down the Uuna pipe towards Mushi and Asaki.

In the 30 minutes since I was last in that pipe we have action! Merlin in a plex. Enter to find him 30km off the warp in and whilst I burn for him he has plenty of time to warp off. Bantam? Yeah I know but its worth a try. As I land he's already 3000km away warping off. Punisher? Go on. Nope, he's warped before I even land. I scan the Merlin again and warp to the plex. Gone. Remember I'm in a T1 Kestrel and warping into them! So I just sit there outside on the gate. Sure enough Merlin appears back on short range scan and lands 1500m from me. Scram! Web! Fire! He warps off. Stabbed.

I fly around a bit more but every system is the same. Either runners or those rare occasions I can get a point they have at least two stabs.

I log off and currently have no motivation to log on today. What's the point? I feel like Wile E. Coyote chasing the Roadrunner. I want to fight but it appears there are few in the UTC+4 TZ who share my passion for PvP. I have nothing against PvE but most of these are faction war in combat ships. Faction war? Farming war these days.

I've just about had enough. Why is UTC+4 so full of farmers who won't fight?

And yes, I would love some cheese to go with my full bodied-whine!

However what is the solution?

Arenas? This was broached by CCP a few years ago but never went anywhere. I don't like the idea.

Nerf FW Farming? FW isn't about war anymore, its about farming LP. If we nerfed the LP the farmers would diminish. If you saw someone in a plex there would be a high chance its someone actually looking for a fight. Then again this would hurt proper FW players.

Oh I don't know. May be space is too big for the amount of players in the UTC+4 timezone. May be people just don't want PvP these days. May be I'm just fed up! I'll go and get my +4 scram frigate and end up dying in a fire to someone actually combat fit!

Apologies for the rage post. Its just really arsing me off atm.


  1. The solution is WCS can only be fit on T1 and T2 industrials and maybe also on exploration ships.

    Replace the targeting delay with "WCS remove all turret and launcher hardpoints".

  2. Move to Querious. If you can't get a fight there, you aren't undocking.

    Stop whining about WCS already. If you can't fit faction points, you don't want it bad enough.