Monday, March 21, 2016

(Gun) Jackin' Off

The other week I bought a Samsung Galaxy S7 to replace my slowly dying S5. I resisted the Gear VR headset as I'd just spent 530 quid/$760 equivalent on a phone.

I lasted just over a week. Unfortunately when I went into the electronics shop to replace the broken-down airfryer (you know, those healthy kitchen appliances that use hot air rather than a bucket of hot fat) they had a demo Gear VR headset going.... with Gunjack.


So today I was in the supermarket and finally said "Oh sod it!" and bought one.

Basically your Galaxy S7 (or S6) slides in and hey presto, you have a VR headset. I went through the setup and demo and was blown away. I played Valkyrie on the Morpheus headset at fanfest and whilst this wasn't as good it was still pretty awesome. Next job, download Gunjack. $9.99 on the store.

The game introduces itself as you are sat just outside an asteroid belt as a massive industrial ship slowly moves over you. Turning your head reveals more of the vast ship. The sense of scale is immense. Then you are taken inside through hatches and corridors. Gunjack is not a complex game. Its an arcade shooter. You are a gunner on their big ORE mining installation. The turrets are like a clear ball turret and give an impressive field of vision. Waves of ships come at you, bro, and you shoot 'em up. Tap the direction pad on the side of the headset to fire, swipe back to reload, swipe forward to use any power-up you have such as homing missiles.

Anyway here is a proper review! I'm enjoying it as something a bit different!

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