Monday, August 29, 2016

Into Null!

My new toon is now a week old. Nearly 800k SP and somewhere I never thought they'd be at this stage. Null-sec.

I has "happily" grinding level ones for the Fed Navy in a rail Catalyst and nearing the level two agents. 10m ISK in the bank and a week of skills queued. Going OK. I log on and see the mail icon blinking. Now I'm suspicious! Why would this week old toon be getting an Eve Mail? Nobody knows who they are, not even the few friends that haven't quit the game. I was seeing how I got back into things before I started getting people to add the toon to contact lists. Who the smeg is mailing me? A scammer? A beggar? Who???

To my surprise, it was a recruitment mail. My first question was how do they know about me? I left the starter systems days ago and now in (relatively) normal space? Wondering if there is some way to search, find new toons and then you can mail them? Would make sense that CCP would make this possible. Anyway, however they did it, they did.

The pitch letter was good. Offer of skill books, ships, training, active corp, fleets. When I started this new toon in the hopes of getting back into Eve, null-sec certainly wasn't on the horizon. However, I decided what the hell. It cannot hurt. So I put my application in which was promptly accepted. Suddenly I'm a null-bear! Hear me growl!

First job was to get out there. In a frigate or destroyer? Dozens of jumps through null? Nope!

I used the once-a-year "move your medical clone" and the "terminate clone" option in the medical station tab. Zapppp! I'm suddenly in deepest, darkest 0.0 and inside a Keepstar citadel!

Next job was sorting out the support stuff. Forums, Mumble (always used TS in the past so that was new), IRC (wow not used IRC since the 90s) and stuff like that. Was very easy with the SSO stuff CCP implemented. So much easier than that bloody API crap you used to have to do. I was also gifted a newbie starter pack which contained a ton of skill books (which matched the recommended training plan on the forums) and a selection of fitted ships. These included tackle, scanning and ratting aimed at new-bros.

Suddenly I'm belt ratting in null-sec! That 10m it took me a week to make starts to look poor as I'm making a million every fifteen minutes in the belts here. My skill queue is maxed out at 50 skills and looking forward to getting some fleet action soon.

Oh yes and found my first capital rat! We didn't get on :(


  1. Welcome to PanFam (just guessing)

    1. Seconding this guess :)

      Hope you have fun in this... rejuvenation?