Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Eve is Going Free to WHAT?

I saw on social media someone make a comment about Eve going FTP and my initial reaction was along the lines of...

Lucky the Dev Blog was linked and I could have a good read. It doesn't sound as bad as I imagined it might be. Basically there will be two clone states. Alpha and Omega.

The Omega clone is how we are currently, so that's schimples. Pay for your account with a subscription or PLEX and all your clones are Omega clones. Easy.

Now for un-subbed accounts, these will be Alpha Clones. You'll actually be able to play on an unsubbed account but restricted to an Alpha clone. Alpha clones are cheap versions and not as good. Crowbar some back story in there about "Technological advancements in New Eden have led to a new way of manufacturing and augmenting clones, unlocking the possibility for a variety of distinct Clone States."

Basically Alpha Clones are cheap and don't have the extra brainy bits* Omega Clones have. If you are unsubbed and on an Alpha Clone, you will only have access to certain skills. This is NOT like trial accounts. Alpha clones are locked down to T1 ships, Cruiser and below. They are also locked into their racial types. Have a Caldari toon and want an Artillery Thrasher on your Alpha FTP clone? Tough tittie old boy! You're stuck with a railgun Cormorant! You'll also train slower and find you'll cap out your training around 5m SP.

Want to do more? Pay your sub, get an Omega clone and doooooooo..... IT!

What will this mean? Who knows. More casual players in game? More action centred around frigates, destroyers and cruisers (my PvP favorites that has been lacking a bit lately)? Higher player count in some areas only?

CCP said they will be monitoring it closely (when it launchers "later this year") and will be getting feedback via CSM as to what the playerbase thinks.

Me? Well I'm hopefully optimistic it'll have a positive effect on my game by giving me more targets! What about you?

*Scientific term.


  1. I thought it was a troll as well, then I saw the post on reddit and realized it wasn't.

  2. Silly CCP... They needed to get Highsec content, PvE and the NPE right before doing this. What they'll be implementing it's just free alts galore.

    This limited F2P will burn through the potential new players way faster, and at the end of it CCP will be facing the same problems as they do now, but without any potential new customers left.

    Also will be interesting to know how long will resist the EVE 3rd parties to the onslaught of unmotivated new players requiring their assistance...

    Silly CCP...

    1. Exactly this. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. The offering for filthy casuals in Eve is poor and declining. Like a hangover, making it free doesn't make it better.