Monday, September 5, 2016

60 Million ISK and Loving It

I'm rich! I've broken the 60m ISK barrier!

I cannot believe I'm so happy about 60m ISK on my new toon. On my other accounts I have billions. Literally billions of ISK. From a full successful years of Pod and Planet fiction entries and my preference for frigate and destroyer PvP I'm not poor. Yet here I am on my 4th account enjoying blapping rat battleships in a Catalyst going "whoop whoop!" everytime I hear "Skill Training Complete". I could log on Drack and transfer a cheeky billion to my new toon without a second thought, but I'm not going to. I'm enjoying life as a new bro. I'm almost ready to jump into a cruiser and I've added Interceptors to my skill plan as recommended in the official corp skill plan.

Its really wierd and I cannot explain why its got me so hooked again on the game.

I've even started to even look at PvP even though I've only just broken the million SP barrier yet. Not 1v1 obviously, but when in the standing fleet and someone calls for help I'm trying to lend a hand. Although my ratting Catalyst with AB and no tackle isn't the most helpful thing! A Vexor will probably be more useful but no point buying one right now as Drones IV and V aren't going to be done for a few days.

When I created this new toon three weeks ago I had no idea it would reinvigorate me so much. My main can fly every combat sub-cap in the game. He's got Amarr and Gallente carriers at five and Gallente Dreadnought at five. He can also fly Caldari carriers and dreads. My second account can buzz around in jump freighters and maxed out command ships. Even my 3rd account is a pretty maxed out Archon/Revelation/Logi pilot. Yet here I am, in a T1 fit catalyst shooting rats and occasionally dying to another player when I've not kept my eyes on local enough.

And I'm really enjoying it. Comms is really active with a couple of hundred online the same time as me (even in my crap GMT +4 TZ) as opposed to a couple I'm used to for the last few years. OK, sometimes I'm cringing as I realise there is a reason stereotypical nerds are portrayed with no social skills, but heyho! Reminds me of Fanfest!

At the end of last week I watched local as one of these neuts came to our ratting/new bro system and promptly got kerbstompted. What followed as a 10 minute rant in local by this six year old toon about being blobbed. Yes, a six year vet of the game thought it would be l33t to come to the starter system for a new-bro friendly corp and get some quality PvP. I kid you not, this guy moaned on for an entire 10 minutes that we "blobbed" him and we should all be ashamed of ourselves.

Ooooo.... I can fly a Caracal now......


  1. As you're having so much fun, I guess I can't complain about missing the last two Fiction Fridays . . .

  2. One of my guilty pleasures is WH ninja ore mining. A return to the mining frigate and facing the unknown. With the release of the second expedition frigate - once again nimble and fancy free. I had fogotten how quick they were and the ability to actually fit prop mods!

  3. Upboat for Stargate picture!

  4. I'm being more and more amazed of these "pvp"ers who only want to gank ratters and miners, but run from anything that might be a challenging fight.

  5. \o/ I'm so happy you are having fun again!!! You may just motivate me to start a new account and be a newbie again... to feel those quick successes once more!