Thursday, September 15, 2016

New Destroyer for November?

Most of us will have got the bulk email from CCP regarding the November expansion. Industrial arrays - check.

Fleet boosts - check. Free limited access with alpha clones - check. Plus some free stuffz for those who maintain their account until then. Including:-

• The Gnosis exploration battlecruiser
• The curious Apotheosis shuttle
• A new SKIN designed for the Gnosis
• A special edition armor suit and goggles set
• Rumors from the shipyards indicate a new ship is about to be unveiled.

Of course "about to be unveiled" to Eve Online players actually means "Now we've said this someone will data mine through the test servers and find it".

Some believe they have. Both imgur and Reddit have shown these images of a Society of Conscious Thought destroyer - The Sunesis. Of course SoCT gave us the Gnosis previously, so they have form for handing out their Jove-lite ships for free.

Its description also reads like the Gnosis in that it needs minimal skills, in fact for the Sunesis it states "Since it has no skill needs, any capsuleer can pilot it".

I love destroyers so looking forward to seeing that this one can do.