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The Assignment

Fiction Friday! Escape pod here.

Busy week and not had time for double proof read (which I usually miss loads on anyway), so apologies for eny mistaks. :/

The Assignment

Chapel watched the man walk into his office and approach. He stood extending a hand. The stranger smiled and took it.

"Mr Ganette?"

"Please call me Chapel. Take a seat and tell me what you need."

"Well Chapel. I represent the daughter of a local business tycoon. She's been taking over some of the plants and has had to close a few loss-making ones. This has made her very unpopular with some of the ex-employees."

"Death threats?"

"Several. She has been really spooked by them but we have an event scheduled at the Jaques Roden Opera House in three days time. I'd like to talk to you about additional protection for my employer. Will already have four protection staff but we'd like you to attend this higher risk evening. You come highly recommended."

Chapel nodded. He could guess at the vague information the man was providing. He obviously worked for Venelles Aimemer heir to the Aimemer Heavy Metals company. It had been big news a few weeks ago that she had been promoted to Chief Operating Officer and quickly ordered the closure of two planetside smelting foundries. The local areas were already struggling economically and had caused uproar with the unions. The event at the opera house was the biggest event of the week. A charity gala organised by the mayor to try and bring much needed investment into the city. A lot of big players from both locally and within the Federation would be there. That meant security would be tight making his job easier.

"I can visit the site earlier to check the arrangements and scout for any weaknesses. Meet your Client and travel to the venue and provide protection during the event and then escort her back. It'll be 15 thousand Fed-Creds and your existing guys will need to know I am in charge."

The man looked uncomfortable.

"That is rather expensive Mr Ganette." he replied using a formal address again.

"That's actually very reasonable as I've taken into account the opera house will be under heavy security."

"I must say Mr Ganette, I'd never heard of you before today when I was asked to come and see you. I did some research on the GalNet and found hardly any references to you or your company. No adverts, no info-sites, nothing. All I have is this."

He held up a small black plastic rectangle. A miniature holoprojector built into the thin card projected the name of the company, CG Security, as well as the office address. It was all very low key.

"That's because I do not advertise or promote. The only way people hear about me is from previous Clients who will pass on one of those cards. If you would like a more, shall we say self-promoting security firm, I can point you in their direction."

Chapel reached into a draw and pulled out some cards and slid them over the desk. He quickly pulled on back and tossed it into the bin.

"Sorry, Black Sun Securities was seized by the Federal Government last week. However either of those other two can provide you with some very well produced feature holos on their services."

"You are not a very good salesman Mr Ganette."

"What would you like me to say? I could do like the others do, tell you how I was elite military, may be the Black Eagles? I was working for Mordu's Legion and lead the planetside operations at the Pike's Landing incident? I was a secret CONCORD operative? 61 confirmed kills? 97? Over 100? I could tell you anything and I would love to see you verify anything. I assume someone your Client trusts gave them the card and the recommendation. Surely that is better than anything I could make up that is always impossible to corroborate?"

The man smiled.

"I'll see you in three days Mr Ganette."


It was nearly midnight when they stepped out of the Opera house. The evening had been uneventful. They had walked through security with no problem. Chapel had been in earlier to register himself as personal protection and declare his weapons. As he had stepped through the security scanners in his black-tie ensemble upon arrival, the AI had detected all three weapons, a Duvolle Laboratories blaster in a shoulder holster, an Allotek Industries compact rail-pistol in an ankle holster and a nova knife strapped to the other ankle. As registered weapons the scanner simply returned a green light. The cocktails had been busy and a nightmare to keep track of his client. The opera itself was relatively easy. They had a box giving an excellent view of the show. A dramatic retelling of the fate of Nouvelle Rouvenor. The mayor had spared no expense in getting some of the best performers and hologram specialists in for the show. Now he only had another 30 minutes before he could return to his wife and kids.

His client walked ahead, the four body guards forming a loose circle around her as they walked down the marble steps through the crowds leaving the venue. Outside and in the crowd was certainly the most risky part.

"Venelles Aimemer!" the scream caused a hush to descend over the bustling crowd. Chapel saw the man nearly 100 metres away running at full speed carrying an assault rifle. The crowd parted trying to distance themselves from the charging armed man. The four body guards quickly moved in front of Venelles and drew their weapons. Time slowed for Chapel. It was his gift. The ability to appraise such a situation in fractions of a second. This wasn't right. The gunman could have easily kept the weapon concealed and closed to kill-range before drawing the weapon. Why the scream and do the dramatic charge giving the security plenty of time to react. He looked at Venelles. She had her back to him. The backless gown was pure green Gallente satin and cut low enough to see the rise of her buttocks. Looking at her naked and exposed back Chapel realised what was happening. He drew his weapon and span around back towards the opera house. The man with the shotgun was only a couple of feet behind. A look of surprise crossed his face as the blaster pistol lined up dead-centre with his chest he realised he'd been made and started to raise the shotgun. The report from Chapel's weapon as it fired was surprisingly small. The hole it made in he gunman's chest wasn't. Chapel span back around to see the man with the assault rifle turning and fleeing. He was the distraction.

Venelles turned around and stared at the body of the second gunman. A pool of blood was spreading from under his body. In the night light it was almost black against the white marble. Chapel took his jacket off and draped it over the woman's shoulders. He knew shock was likely to set in. He guided her in silence towards the waiting car.


It was nearly 4am when he got home. The police obviously needed a full statement but it was just a formality. 200 witnesses had seen the event. He entered his home office and opened the safe placing his weapons inside and securing it. Wearily he headed up the stairs and quietly opened the bedroom door not to wake his wife.  As the door opened he saw the curtains were not drawn and there was enough light from the street to show the bed was empty. Not just empty, it was still made. He quickly moved to his son's room and found the same. Next his daughter. No one was there.

"Awel!" he called out. No answer. 

Retrieving his datapad from his pocket he called her. The connection failed immediately. He tried again. Same result. Calls never failed unless there was a fault with the datapad, or it had been purposely damaged. The doorbell rang making him jump. He ran down the stairs two at a time and flung the door open and found two uniformed cops.

"Whats happened?" he asked urgently.

"Mr Ganette please note we are both wearing body cams and this feed is being monitored. If you try anything at all your family will die."

It took Chapel a second to process the information.

"You're not cops are you?"

"Please come with us. All will be explained."

Chapel stared into the small camera affixed to the first cops breast pocket. He knew he had no choice. He followed them in silence to the vehicle and got in the back. Leaving the upscale suburbs they entered a nearby industrial area. There they met with a standard black car which they changed into. An unseen third party emerging from the shadows to drive the cop car away. Another half hour took them deeper into the city. Soon they were approaching Enfer District. That area was infamous as a no-go area for police. A slum where people went to hide and the police avoided unless they had armoured vehicles and a full SWAT team. Chapel gazed out of the window. He knew it was pointless talking to these men. They were the muscle and probably knew only slightly more than he did at the minute. He was sure he'd soon meet their boss. He spotted groups of women on the street corners. PVC boots with silver stilettos leaving a small gap of lace stocking top and blotchy white skin below their lycra mini skirts. They all turned when they saw the car approach, flaunting their wares. He saw gangs of tattooed men lurking in dark alleys. Slaver hounds rummaged through bins for scraps competing with emancipated people dressed in rags. It was hell.

They pulled up outside an abandoned hotel. The windows were boarded up and the sandstone frontage was crumbing. One of the men opened the door and Chapel was directed to the front door. Inside, the hotel was even worse. Wrecked tables and chairs, smashed fountains and decorations plus grafitti in all colours over the walls. He noted at least a dozen cameras, almost hidden to the untrained eye. At the lift Chapel began to worry. What state would the workings be in? With a 'ping' the lift doors opened and he was surprised to see a modern and clean lift interior. He stepped in and the two men followed him. Here the cameras were more obvious.

The lift stopped at the top floor and the doors slid open into a smart foyer. Two huge men stood there is suits. Chapel could see the bulge of their guns under the ill fitting outfits. One opened the main door and gestured for him to enter. Nobody followed. The corridor was lined with plush carpet and art hung on the walls. He passed the first bedroom and saw two women passed out on the huge double bed. Almost naked, they still wore scraps of lingerie and high heels. A range of drug paraphernalia was stacked on the bedside tables. The next room also had the door slightly ajar, it had the appearance of an industrial server room. Stacks of computers and cables made it look like an assault course. A spotty man looked up as he passed. The guy looked no older than 21. Finally he entered the main living area. A huge room overlooking the low-rise district. Chapel automatically identified four cameras. A man was sat on the sofa between two stunning women. He smiled as Chapel entered.

"Ah! My Gannet so please you could accept my invitation. Please note the cameras are being monitored and my men have orders should you get within three feet of me so please, for your families sake, keep your distance."

Chapel looked around and knew he needed to be careful. He needed to buy some time and find out what was going on. He sat in a chair a safe distance from the man.

"I am Zonelle Vemere. Perhaps you've heard of me?" the man smiled.

Chapel nodded. This was bad news. Zonelle was the head of the biggest crime family in the city. It was also by far the most notorious. If half the stories were true, Zonelle was a sadist without equal. To cross him didn't mean just a horrible death for yourself, it also meant a similar fate for family, friends and even in some cases co-workers. He had a fearsome reputation.

"Good. That will save me explaining what will happen to your family if you don't do what I want."

Chapel sat their and didn't respond. His mind wandered briefly to some of the stories he'd heard and suppressed a shudder.

"I need a sit down and a chat with System Governor Sonnibel Aulloi. Obviously he's not going to be keen to accept any invite with those scandalous lies told about me so that's where you come in. I want Governor Aulloi sat in that chair in 72 hours. If he's not, then the Succubus of Matar has a party with your wife, son and lovely daughter."

It was worse than Chapel had thought. An impossible mission and Zonelle's chief enforcer holding his family. The Succubus of Matar was the aliases of a woman called Ulkka. A Matari who specialised in dealing out Zonelle's worst retributions.

"You want me to kidnap the Governor the system? Impossible. He resides on a Citadel in orbit, perhaps the most heavily defended installation there is for light years."

"Oh Colonel! I'm sure a man of your talents can find a way. After the Caille incident this should be a walk in the park."

Using his old military rank and that he'd been involved in a specific highly classified black-ops mission, Zonelle had showed he knew a lot more about him than he would have thought.

"Chapel, can I call you Chapel? Look, its very easy. Go collect the Governor, deliver him here in 72 hours and you and your family can go free. Now if you would excuse me, I need to discuss a few matters with my associates here."

He placed a hand on each of the girl's knees who responded with a giggle. The two gorillas from the foyer appeared at the end of the corridor.

"Good luck!" Zonelle called out as Chapel left.

Chapel picture the installation in his mind. This was going to be difficult.

To be continued....


  1. "Black Sun Securities was seized by the Federal Government last week."

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    1. ;) Yeah, life has got me by the balls currently and is not wanting to let go :/