Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Ghost (Fitting) in the Machine

We've been waiting for a version of EFT in client for what appears to be eleventy billion years. Last Fanfest they said they were looking at it. Now, we have a prototype on SiSi! Yay!

It's still early days. You have to go into the main menu, General Settings and activate the "Try New Fitting Window" in the Experimental Features section.

Wow! Nice!

I tried out an Officer fit Machariel because, why not!

15k alpha? Nice!

Apparently it's not intended to be as in-depth as EFT (other 3rd party fitting apps are available) but it is a nice and easy way of seeing if that fit will work on your toon.

I like the way you can filter all modules by not only type, but what will fit. Low on CPU and PG and just got a spare high slot? Mmmmmmm wonder what will fit there..... ah! Yeah, obviously not working fully yet as that heavy neut is not going to fit even though I am filtering.

You can see what skills you are lacking, overheat modules and see the difference that makes. 1414 DPS and 500hp/s by overheating on my Officer Mach!

Still some work to do, but as a general "I cannot be arsed to load up EFT but I want to try something to see if it works" it looks like its going to be bloody useful in-game.

CCP Karkur want's your feedback. Go give it a try and the forum thread is here!


  1. You should note that the author of EFT has not updated it in months, and it is possible will not again.

  2. Tried it out and like it. Understand it isn't fully functional and still needs some bugs ironed out but looking forward to seeing it in game. Part of me feels sorry for the third party developers. CCP seem to be killing off every avenue.