Thursday, December 8, 2016

The Risk of Early Adoption

So what does this mean and why is it causing so much salt?

Well, in a word Rorquals! CCP Fozzie announced that the Excavator Mining Drone is going to be rebalanced. Basically you can see this in two ways depending if you are a Rorqual null sec miner or not.

This is a problem with early adopting new tech in Eve Online. I've not done the numbers myself but I have heard that with the Excavator Drones a proper fit Rorqual did the same yield as 8 well fit Hulks. Post December update it'll be 5 and a bit hulks. CCP have been watching  the effect these drones have been having has and decided they don't like it. Apparently they were raking in 350m an hour. A billion ISK in three hours?

Surely if they are making so much money it would be obvious that they'd be nerfed? People on the forums are screaming that they have bought skill injectors to get into Rorqual mining? Why did they do that? Obviously because they saw it made an absolute bucket-load of cash.

Whenever something new is released, or completely revamped there tends to be two things happen:-

1. Prices start off really high or increase in value suddenly
2. Things tend to get nerfed fairly quickly

If you jump in early you are likely to pay way over the odds and have limited time before the nerfbat lands. The only difference between this and say, when T3 Destroyers were nerfed, is the speed the nerf has come in at. I guess that means CCP have picked up a major problem early!


  1. I love the fact that null sec players are screaming blue murder. These are the same people that gloated gleefully whenever high sec got hammered. And boo hoo, they will be reduced to only 225 million per hour, semi-afk.

    1. Yes, every null sec player did exactly that. Every last one of them.

  2. Even 5 hulks worth is too much. the rorqual was meant to be a mobile processing and boosting platform, not an asteroid eating machine. I'm not against rorquals mining with drones, but 5 hulks worth ? WTF