Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Christmas Prezzies from CCP!

In case you missed it, CCP are giving daily presents for all! Similar to other games that do this, you need to log on each day to claim your gift for that day otherwise you lose out. Each day being UTC hours not the usual DT to DT you might expect in Eve.

"Each gift will be present for 24 hours, until 23:59:59 UTC, when it will be replaced by the next gift. Be sure to log in and claim your gifts from your redeeming system to avoid missing out!"

Anyway, grabbed my first one today... wow... I have a lot of crap in my redeeming queue!

You get a crate in your inventory and unlocking it runs through a little unlocking thingy like a hack. I got....

Four SKINs of ships I do use. Nice! Wonder what tomorrow will bring?


  1. If you have your inventory open, you'll see that the skins were deposited in your inventory PRIOR to clicking on the hack-like interface.

  2. and all i got on both accounts was some shitty clothing