Friday, January 6, 2017

Into 2017

Ouch. That was a rather festive few weeks.

Back to the real world now. So what's happening in 2017 for Eve?

Well first is that this blog just went over the million pageviews milestone. I know thats nothing commpared to blogs like Eveoganda or Low Sec Lifestyle. However its a milestone for me! Thanks for all your views!

Next up make sure you have redeemed all your presents from CCP, they expire this weekend. Also make sure you are in a good station to redeem. I have two Gnosis, a Sunesis and an Apotheosis suck in Asakai now. FFS!

Looking at Eve Updates, nothing amazing on the release front currently on there. A few ghost fitting tweaks and SKINs for January.

April is Fanfest and for the first time in 6 years its looking like I won't be able to make it. My contract is up out here in March or April, nobody is really sure. I'm told there will be another contract but I'm not seeing anything. If my employment is terminated and my residence visa cancelled I won't be able to leave the country until I hjave my clearance letters. If I do get a new contract I'll probably need a new residency visa and my passport is likely to go MIA and there is a several week slot I cannot leave the country or it will cancel my application. Oh well. There is always Eve Vegas. Its nearly a 23hr flight to the other side of the world. May be I could just follow @MaxSingularity on Twitter. I seem to recall he posted lots including some interesting pictures from Eve Vegas 2016. Lets have a look, oh yes, this is the one that caught my eye for some reason...

Erm.... Screw that! I'll pack my bags now ready for October*!!!

Other than these, hings are really quiet on old Eve Updates. I suppose we'll get details on the Summer and Winter main expansions at Fanfest, Eve Vegas and Eve Downunder. We do know that Drilling Platforms are promised**. I wonder what CCP has planned for this year?

* If I have a job that is.

** I accept CCP "promises" are always "This is what we want to do but we live in reality and a lot of things can go tits up especially when working with 13 year old code and those bloody Eve players...."


  1. Congrats on the views! But I am going to be seriously bummed if you are not at Fanfest :(

  2. I noticed too that the future plans look very very slim compared to what we are used to.