Wednesday, March 15, 2017

I Shall Call Him.... Mini Chimera

Lets talk about the new Chimera Model. I saw some hate on social media so thought I'd go take a look. The new model is sleeker....

It's got cool, what I assume are, massive shield emitters on the side.

It's now a modern Caldari ship. However to me it now looks, well, smaller. Compared to the old model, which was, in lore, a bulk water transporter, it appears so much smaller. Its not actually smaller but it just looks it to me. The huge vastness of the old Chimera has been lost and it now looks a bit like an elongated Rokh that has been on a strict diet. There was no doubt this old fat boy was a capital was there?

Yeah, I'm divided over this change. Nice new model, but its somehow lost the visual element of being a fecking huge spaceship.


  1. I would have preferred an update of the old model over the new visuals. Or maybe it just takes some getting used to. Let's take a look again in 6 months on how we feel.

  2. I my first thought of the new model was; a Rokh on steroids.