Thursday, March 23, 2017

Incoming Moon Mining Overhaul

Full Dev Blog here.

My TL;DR:-

Medium and large size, more expensive than engineering complex, cheaper than citadels.

Docking, tethering and usual basic services (hangers, fitting, insurance, repair, corp offices)

Reprocessing Ore
Yeah, nothing else to say. If you have reprocessing rigs fitted to an Engineering Complex these will be unfitted on patch day so you have the choice of refitting.

Moon mining
Complete overall! No longer passive and will be a "high-value occasional event" requiring interaction and actual players mining! Summary:-
  • If deployed within set range of a moon (not in HS or WH), refineries can fit a special "Moon Drilling" service.
  • Can only be fit if no other refinery near that same moon already has one - only one structure can mine each moon.
  • Refinery nukes a site from orbit (only way to be sure) and then uses a "fat ass tractor-beam" (TM) to pull the chunk of moon into space to the structure.
  • Structure owner makes the choice of a "little chunk" (one week travel time) or up to a "feckin massive chunk" (up to several weeks depending on size)
  • Structure owner sets time and date to "Alderaan-ise" the chunk of moon turning it into a special type of asteroid field. This can then be mined for moon goo (TM).
  • The temporary moon goo field will not be close enough to mine from docking range, but close enough that a player in the structure can cover the miners with the structures defences
  • One the chunk is "Alderaan-ised" into a 'roid field then the process can be started again.
  • Rinse and repeat

The Mining Ledger

If you have a moon drill installed then the refinery will log who is mining what moon goo in the special asteroid belt. Whether friendly or those naughty ninja miners coming to steal your goo! Character, corp, ore type and amount mined all logged.


No not that type. The advanced moon goo minerals needed for T2 and T3 production. New service module for refineries to do reactions. Low-sec and below. No structure job limits but per-character job limits increasing with skills. Reactions will require isotopes as fuel.


  1. Honestly, that moon mining change looks interesting. And slightly awesome.

  2. Still looks like the same old story. Larger, more established players bogarting the tech 2 resources. Ninja miners getting blasted or their one-player corps wardec'ed and griefed.