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All Over Rotten Oranges

Fiction Friday. Whilst on holiday last I read a lot of horror stories. One in a collection of shorts was the inspiration for this one. Adults only here. A very nasty subject with some very nasty people doing very nasty things whilst doing the nasty. Its nasty! So younglings and people who don't care for Eve-O fiction, escape pod this way!

All Over Rotten Oranges

Brere ran through the presentation again at the small desk in his hotel room. He needed everything to be perfect. Quafe was perhaps the largest mega-corp in the Gallente Federation, if his pitch went well tomorrow he could expect a huge order and most importantly a massive bonus from his company. Brere was a sales executive for SkanRite. One of the biggest producers of industrial bio-scanners in the region. The Quafe Corporation had announced a tender for provision of scanning equipment to check for impurities in their fruit and vegetable deliveries at a number of their factories. Brere was here to make the pitch for the SkanRite company.

He picked up his datapad and made a quick call to his wife. She sounded disappointing when he said he had to be quick as they had a meeting about tactics very soon. This was a lie. The Quafe Corporation had made it very clear that only one sales executive could make the pitch and they had a set time-limit of ten minutes. Brere had traveled alone to the space-station and that's how he liked it.

Brere always felt he'd married too young. He was an attractive, successful guy and before meeting Vynardieu he'd been a bit of a ladies man. The same charisma that made him an excellent salesman also made him a legendary player. Now he was married with two young kids and a wife who was generally too tired for anything by the time he got home. Also if he was perfectly honest, he had grown bored of her. Yes, Brere was an utter shit but he rationalized his behavior as 'what guys do'. There was no meeting on tactics, he wanted to go down to the hotel bar to see what he could pick up. Business trips were his favorite. Time away from the family for some well deserved play time.

He quickly said goodnight to his two children and then a token two minutes with his wife. As soon as he hung up the call he went to the bathroom to get ready.

He opened his other toiletry bag. This was the one he kept at the office. It was his "cheat bag". The items he didn't want his wife to ever see. He smiled to himself and started to get ready for what he hoped would be a fun night.


An hour later Brere walked into the hotel bar. As a Quafe Corporation station, the room was influenced heavily by the colour blue. Neon signs advertised the various drinks on offer. He scanned the room as he made his way across to the bar. Like a Navy combat pilot he sized up potential targets and any possible threats. As it was late and mid-week it was quiet. A group of women shared a booth and laughed loudly. He guessed a works night out. In the next booth there was an older and younger woman chatting over bright green cocktails. Mother and daughter? Brere had never achieved a "Sportsman's Double". He smiled to himself at the thought. A few more couples were dotted around but no single women or pairs. This would be an issue and his best opportunity appeared to be to try and split one off from the works outing or whatever it was. He glanced back at the mother and daughter and shook his head. Not tonight, that sort of legendary pull would need time and effort.

He sat at the bar and ordered a Quafe Lite beer. He always drunk the foul tasting stuff in situations like this. He needed a clear head tonight to catch his prey and a clear head in the morning to seal the biggest deal of his career.

Glancing over he caught the eye of one of the women in the group. A pretty blonde Gallente woman who smiled at him and then turned her attention back to the group. He had his first bite of interest. However Brere had his eyes set on two others in the group he found more attractive. Brere wasn't the sort of man who settled for second or third best. Perhaps he could engage the one who had looked over at him and if he ignored the more attractive women in the group they'd become interested.

The sharp sound of high heels on the deck plates made him turn towards the entry to the bar.

"Please be alone, please be alone." he whispered to himself as he saw her. She was stunning. Gallente, long raven-black hair cascaded over her shoulders. The dress was pluinging and short. Black with gold and tailored to fit every curve of her body. Her legs were clad in black silk. Stockings he presumed, no tight manufacturer used material that expensive. A gold anklet shone through the silk just above the bright red designer stilettos. Brere swallowed hard.

The woman walked through the bar ignoring everyone including himself. Brere saw the looks of jealousy and distaste on some of the women she walked past. She finally sat in a booth with her back to him. A waiter approached her table, spoke a few words, nodded and returned to the bar.

"Gallente Prime Sunrise, dirty." the waiter said to the barman who nodded back in acknowledgement.

Brere watched the barman mix the drink and pour the green and yellow cocktail into a glass.

"I'll take care of that." Brere said and slipped the barman a twenty cred-note. He picked up his own beer and the cocktail and walked over to the booth. Keeping on the woman's blindside he slipped the drink in front of her. She turned her head and looked at him. She gave a double take and smiled slightly.

"You're not my waiter." she replied. "He was shorter... and in uniform."

"No I'm not your waiter, but I'll wear whatever uniform you want." he said as he slipped into the bench opposite her.

"You are also very confident."

"I am."

"I wonder how confident you will be when my date arrives." she said with a smirk. "They can be the jealous type, most Matari are, especially Brutors."

"He's not coming. The only way a man wouldn't get her early and be waiting for such a beautiful creature was if he'd died en-route in a freak docking accident."

"Smooth. However, you said 'he'. Who says my date is a man?"

Brere raised an eyebrow. "If that is true then it is a travesty to all mankind."

The woman smiled at him and sipped her drink keeping her piecing eyes locked on his.


Brere closed the door to his hotel room. He stood there with his eye's glued on Mermene's behind as she swayed into his room. They had flirted for half an hour when she had got a message on her datapad. Apparently her lover, who was indeed male, couldn't make it. Something had come up. After some questioning she had revealed her lover was married and this occasionally happened. At that point Brere knew he was onto a winner. A beautiful woman who had come to a hotel for a passionate tryst with her married lover and who had been stood up. Within the hour he'd invited him back to his room. Her reply had taken his breath away "I could, but you need to know not many men can keep up with my kinks". Now this sultry beauty stood in his hotel bedroom, waiting for him to approach.

As he neared her she shoved him hard and he fell back into an armchair. He bounced down into the plush upholstery.

"Stay!" she purred as if she was addressing a pet. She walked over to the entertainment center and selected some music. Slowly she began to sway in time with the song. She gradually danced over towards him, her jacket slipping from her shoulders as she started to open the buttons on her blouse.


Some thirty minutes later he lay on top of her on the bed. Her stocking clad legs were wrapped tightly around his waist and her stiletto heels dug into the tops of his thighs. He was in ecstasy.

"Hit. Me." she panted. Brere slowed and looked at her questioningly.

"I want you to hit me." she repeated.

Brere looked confused and tried to climb off her so he could put her over his knee or something. He wasn't too sure what to do. Her legs gripped him tighter preventing him from moving.

"No. On my face."

Brere was shocked. So this is what she meant by her 'kinks'. Supporting himself with one arm he raised the palm of his left hand and slapped her cheek. The crack was surprising loud.

"Harder! What are you? A pussy?" she snarled. He slapped her again, harder. The sound was louder and this time the force of the blow tilted her face to the side. Her cheek glowed red from the strike. She snapped her head back, she had a look of furious passion in her eyes. "Again!" she demanded "More!".

Brere happily complied.


The SkanRite logo slowly span on the holoprojector in front of him. Brere was stood in his best suit as the three Quafe executives took their seats at the table facing him. The conference room was small and dark, the holoprojectors light reflected over the walls.

"Thank you for coming Mr Estibane. As you are aware we are looking to commission installation of quality bio-scanners at all our fruit and vegetable delivery warehouses to ensure quality control of all deliveries. Please present your proposal. You have exactly ten minutes."

Brere smiled. Two women and one man on the panel. He had this in the bag. After perhaps the most wildest sex of his life with the most beautiful woman he'd ever met, he was now about to close a deal that would make his career. Mermene was gone when he awoke. A simple message on the hotel stationary thanked him for a wonderful night. He pressed the button to start his presentation. The SkanRite logo dissolved and his own name and job title appeared.

"I'd like to start by thanking you for this opportunity to show you....."

Brere tailed off as he noticed the three were whispering amongst themselves and pointing to the hologram. He looked at it and it took him a moment to see what was wrong. His name was right but the job description below didn't say Principal Sales Executive. It said "Pervert, Rapist, Murderer."

"What the.....". He was about to say his presentation had been hacked when the name dissolved and a holographic video started to play. It was him in bed with Mermene. He pressed the stop button on his datapad in panic, nothing happened. His datapad was locked up and would not unlock. He tried in vain to stop the video as he watched in horror. The video had been carefully edited. There was none of the woman begging him to do these things to her, it looked like he was beating her against her will. Her passionate looks she had give him had been edited out, the multiple cameras flicking between each other to miss the bits where she told him what to do. She looked scared and in pain as he repeatedly slapped her. He finally ripped the battery pack out of his datapad after prying the back off, but the video kept playing. It must have uploaded the video to the projector somehow. It now showed him taking Mermene from behind, his belt wrapped around her neck choking her. When she'd asked him to do that to her she'd almost begged him. Several times she'd gasped "tighter", the edited video made it look like she was being abused against her will. He looked at the three Quafe employees. They returned his stare with looks of absolute disgust. The side door burst open and Brere saw the receptionist quickly step in and point at him with an outstretched arm. A second later four armed policemen burst in and grabbed him. He was slammed to the floor face-down and cuffed. When he was roughly pulled to his feet he saw the holoprojector showed Mermene sprawled prone on the bed. She had been beaten to a pulp. Her swollen and purple bruised eyes were partially open and her split lips were parted. She looked very, very dead.


"Its not good. Really, really not good." the Gallente man in the cheap suit said. Brere was sat opposite him wearing an orange prison jumpsuit and restraints around his wrists and ankles.

"But its not what it appears! I didn't kill her and she wanted those things. She begged me to do them to her! The video was edited to make it look bad!" he whined.

The suit took off his glasses.

"I'm sorry Mr Mermene, but look at it from the police's side. The video found on your datapad clearly shows you abusing the woman. She does not appear a willing participant to these things. The bar footage showed her leaving with you, there is no evidence of coercion at this point. Its the things you did in your room. They are going to charge you with a long list of crimes including assault, rape and murder."

"She asked me to do those things to her! I didn't kill her or beat her!" he groaned. The lawyer slid over a datapad. Evidence photographs rotated through the screen initially showing screen captures from the video of him slapping her and finally crime-scene showing Mermene's battered dead body in the hotel wardrobe. Brere held his head in his hands.

"They have a body sir. A body found in your room. How do you explain that?"

"A clone! They must have had a clone!"

The suit slowly shook his head. "You really think they'll go for that sir? You expect me to use the defense that the body in your hotel room wardrobe was a clone? Do you think any judge will would even entertain that for a second?"

"No." he replied "Wait! She left before I woke up. I saw a note! I must still be in the trash bin!" he suddenly exclaimed. "Cameras too! We can work out where the hidden cameras are! Those will prove I was set up."


Mermene entered the hotel lobby. Nobody paid her any notice. Several police still lingered in the reception area but she ignored them. Dressed down in trainers, jeans and a big jumper along with her completely bald head covered by a wig, nobody paid her any attention. She took the lift to the floor below where she'd spent most of the night previously and entered room 5105. A large man looked up from the desk and went back to packing his gear away.

"Welcome back. How do you feel?" he asked with his back to her. Mermene went over to a chest of draws and picked up the scrunched up note she'd written to Brere hours earlier on the cheap hotel stationary. A stack of small micro cameras were scattered about the surface of the chest.

"I feel great. Then again this body is brand new. I should feel good. How about you?"

The big man silently packed.


"Yeah I'm fine. Given that I watched my partner getting abused by that asshole and then I myself had to drug her, beat her half to death, gave her a lethal injection and then fried her brain, I'm just fuckin' peachy."

Mermene smiled at her partner's grumpiness. After wearing the mark out and ensuring her act had two sides for the benefit of the cameras, she'd waited for him to fall asleep. The passionate glances to his face and the look of horror and fear to the hidden cameras when he wasn't looking made sure the video could be edited to suit the plan. Once Brere was snoring she got dressed and accessed his datapad, planting a trojan horse allowing her partner complete access. She'd written the note and gone downstairs to the other room, Lieu hacking the security cameras to hide her swapping rooms. Once in the room she'd stripped and Lieu had given her a powerful sedative. He then beat her unconscious body. Medical scanners ensured he stopped before he'd killed her, but it had to be close. The autopsy would show if the beating was postmortem. She had to be alive for it. After taking some photographs he had then affixed the portable neural scanning helmet to her unconscious body and scanned her brain, transmitting the pattern to a nearby Clone Reanimation Center. As was the way with all neural scans, he had to kill her first. The slightest movement would have ruined the scan. He then waited until Brere left his room next morning to check-out. Lieu disguised himself as a room cleaner and again hacking the security cameras went up to Brere's now empty room pushing a large linen cart. Once in the room he placed the body hidden in the cart on the bed and took the video needed to complete the presentation. He then hid the body in the wardrobe and removed both the hidden cameras and the note Mermene left which he recovered from the trash can. He went back unseen to his room and hacked the hotel cameras again. He had actually heard the scream of the maid when she went in to clean the room an hour later. He had uploaded the revised presentation to the targets datapad a few minutes before the presentation time, set the virus to trigger remotely and deleted the initial trojan.

"What is the last thing you remember?" Lieu asked.

"You giving me the sedative shot. Next thing I'm waking up in a glass tube with nurses staring at me. Don't worry about the beating me half to death thing, as far as I recall it never happened. I never felt a thing, but most importantly I assume we got paid?"

"The other two hundred and fifty thousand credits was transferred mid-morning from the Client. It came through five minutes after the police were called to the Quafe offices. I assume the Clients were watching the office. Lets pack this up and go. I need a drink." he grumbled.

Mermene smiled and went over to the table. She looked down at the headset that only hours ago scanned and transmitted her consciousness to a new clone.

She picked up the portable scanner, carrying it over towards a open case that housed the transmitter. It have been a very lucrative night for them. Half a million and a man's life ruined, all for a contract for checking that some oranges are not rotten.

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  1. My god, that was capitvating but horrific. I guess us clone pod pilots are horrific, after all... *sigh*