Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Pimp my Marauder

So yesterdays patch brings us some new skins for the advanced battleships. A bit of a wierd choice on CCP's part I feel. Surely of all battleships, even taking into account level 4 carebears, surely these are some of the least flow battleships? I'd have thought Bl-Ops would have even been more popular. I assume CCP has metrics and knows better than I.

So we have the Police Kronos skin.

The Blood Raider Paladin Skin.

The Thukker Vargur Skin.

The Kaalakiota Golem Skin (best view of the skin is on top).

Priced at 2,390 AUR each of all four for a special offer of nearly 7000 AUR currently they are not cheap for a fairly specialised ship. This is also a bit surprising. Is there a market for the pack of 4? Do a lot of players fly all the Marauders? I doubt it. Most people have one or two favorite lines and weapons systems. So who is going to but all four other than collectors? May be people to sell on the market in Jita?

Popping onto my Jita toon I soon see six of each on there for 500-540m ISK. So you can get 2bn ISK for selling the four for spending 7000 AUR which needs two PLEX (3500 AUR each). So what are PLEX trading at? 900m ISK. So to buy the four skins costs 1.8bn ISK so you can sell them for 2bn? Nope. That's not it either.*

Be interesting to see how many we get flying about in space... to kill! TO KILL!!!!!! MUAHAHAHA!

EDIT:- I stand corrected and some what shocked....

*Thanks for the mafimatikz correction Thf 


  1. I think you miscalculated the price a bit... 4 ships for 500m each is definitely not 1bn, but 2 and that's 200m profit in total for the 7000 AUR (assuming the 900m PLEX price you mentioned, what I did not check).
    (And I bet, I'm not the first to point this out :-) )

  2. A police skin that doesn't have flashing emergency-style lights is not a police skin.