Monday, June 15, 2015

SiSi Hacks I'd Like to See

CCP have implemented a few "hacks" on the test server to help players test Eve. This has included the 'moveme' command so you can quickly move to a set list of systems and a 'standings' one to allow you run missions for agents you didn't have standings for. In the past they've used bots to help you for example when they have us all titans and supers to test gate travel and needed to give us the skills to use them in order to test them.

I use the test server a lot for "art". However there are a few things that would make my life easier. I spoke about these at Fanfest to some others and generally got good feedback.

Green-Screen Preview for Ship and Items.
We have it for characters already as an option in the settings, but ships have a space background on their preview and turrets and the like have a hatch pattern. This makes it a bit more difficult combining items. If we could have green screen option on SiSi that would be brilliant.

Sometimes I want to take an item and place it in another scene. This picture from Friday is a good example. My plan was to set the scene on SiSi and take it as one screenshot.

Have you ever watched a fighter in space, even one who is abandoned or their carrier has been destroyed? The never bloody stop moving! They keep flying no matter what with their bloody barrel rolls and fiery engines! I needed a stationary fighter with no engine trails. The best way I found was to preview the fighter, angle it right, take a screenshot and then superimpose it on the background scene. A green screen preview would have saved me a lot of time.

Clipping Off
The good old FPS hack. It would be ace to be able to turn off clipping in the Captains Quarters and be able to "fly about" to get better angles for screenshots. Spin around your ship rather than spinning your ship so you have a view looking back over the ship to the CQ gantry. Visit the pod! 

Obviously your big fat head will be in the way, and on that subject...

Invisibility for Toon
A method for making your character invisible would also be awesome. Occasionally we get it with glitches but the ability to take a screenshot without your head in the way would be amazing!

This will allow for better screenshots and videos without having your toon spoiling the view in the CQ.

Yes these are improvements that will only be wanted by a small percentage of the playerbase and do not justify any real time spending on them. However I would guess most of this is already in place and just needs turning on. They would certainly help a section of the community with their work.


  1. I know it's only og help for your grabbing ships, but Project Jeremy can do your white (or green) background thing for you.

    Let's you create an empty space scene to paste your shiny ships into as well.

  2. Yes you can. Click on the word Jeremy in the left top corner and a admin box appears with all kinds of additional controls, one of which is called Booster Gain, slid that sucker down to zero and the engines turn off.

    Lots of other stuff there as well. Explore. learn.