Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Jackdaw - The 8bn ISK Fit + More

So the Caldari Tactical Destroyer has been out for a week. How are people flyin' and dyin' in it?

Trawling through the killboards there are no shortage of losses. At the time of writing the Jackdaw had killed around 3000 ships in its first week for 550 lost. A 5.5:1 kill/death ratio. In the ISK war it was 333bn destroyed for 73bn lost. Slightly less efficient at 4.5:1.

I'll start with someone who had no F's to give but did have a ton of money. Ladies, Gentlemen and Capsuleers, I give you the EIGHT BILLION ISK Jackdaw:-

Highs -
5 x T2 Rocket Launchers
1 x Sisters Probe Launcher

Mids -
Pithum A-Type EM Hardener
Republic Fleet Small Extender
Pithi A-Type Small Booster
Coreli B-Type 5mn MWD
Pithum A-Type Adaptive Invulnerability Field
Imperial Navy Cap Recahrgers

Lows -
Chelm's Modified Power Diagnostic System
Khalid Navy Ballistic Control Unit

Rigs -
T2 Rocket Fuel
T2 Hydraulic Thrusters
T1 Polycarbon

40k Rockets in the hold.

Balls deep man, balls deep! 

I wondered what difference the PDU made. In EFT PG is not an issue with this fit. Uses 41.25/77.66. So for the cap? 14m 52s of cap. For the shield? EHP of 13,944. What happens with a T2 PDU? 3m 29s of cap. EHP 13,721. Yeah, the cap it is!

Pro tip, drop a missile rig for a T2 Semiconductor Memory Cell rig and use a T2 PDU. Cap stable AND 6bn ISK cheaper!

Obviously thats silly and very few people are going to spunk a 6bn ISK power diagnostic system on a sub-100m ISK hull. People will aim for 500m max surely? Not the next guy who lost 2.3bn

5 x T2 Light Missile Launchers
1 x Sisters Probe Launcher

Mids -
Phased Weapon Navigation Array
Pithi A-Type small shield booster
2 x Pithum A-type Adaptive Invulnerability Field (theres 1.6bn just here)
Compulsive Ion Field ECM 1
'Hypnos' Ion Field ECM 1

Lows -
2 x Caldari Navy Ballistic Control Systems

Rigs -
2 x T2 CCC
1 x T1 CCC

Whilst those two destroyers tip the scales at 10bn ISK, most of the others are fit sort of similar. Either MWD-Kite or Scram/Web-Kite fit. Few are pure in your face brawlers. This one caught my eye as it stood out from the crowd. Not an expensive fit but with the right implants and boosters I think it probably can tank like a..... well, a tank!

Highs -
5 x T2 Rocket Launchers

Mids -
3 x Medium ASB
Faint Warp Disruptor
Fleeting Web

Lows -
2 x T2 BCU

Rigs -
2 x T1 EM reinforces
1 x CPU rig

Three ASB should keep his shields running for a while. Unless he meets a Succubus that drains his cap so a Merlin can kill him. Then it won't end so well. I tried this but he must use fitting implants. 7 CPU short even with the rig. Swapping a BCU for a Overdrive and dropping the CPU rig I was able to run a Forsaken Den easily, manually using the three boosters and letting them reload. So many rats. People do this for fun?

You can check these and more over at zKill -

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