Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Eve-O Podcasts

This is an Eve-O post, just give me a moment! Back in 2014 I was at my heaviest by far. Bloody hell, look at Sindel on my back. I should be shouting "I ATE A BABY!"

Every year I'd start a health kick in January, by mid-February I'd fallen off the wagon. The problem is I love food. I do all the cooking at home and really enjoy food! Living in the Middle East is not helpful either. Whilst you might not think the desert is a major culinary hotspot, it is. Regional cities I visit for weekend breaks away have some of the best places to eat in the world. Dubai being the best (worst for my waistline)! As a curry fan its amazing here. No curry power, paste or ready-made sauces for me. My shelves are stocked with cumin, coriander, fennel and other seeds. We buy turmeric, garam masala, paprika and cinnamon in bags! I love cooking!

So as normal in January 2015 I tried again. Hey, 10th time lucky? This time I had seen a diet called the "Fast Diet". Its also known as the 5:2 diet. Basically for two days a week I limit my daily intake to only 600 calories. Rest of the time I eat normal. Providing I don't go crazy over 2600 on the other days, I should still be down 4000 calories a week (20% down basically). So rather than being careful every day and limiting to 2k, I just go hard on two days. Its Mid-June and I'm I'm still going! As I draft this I'm hungry. Oh so hungry. However tomorrow I know I can eat what I want (within reason) and the weight is still falling off me.

So what has this got to do with Eve? Well, as well as the diet I've also started exercising and going for a slow jog/fast walk. This gives me opportunities to listen to Eve podcasts so I can lose weight and geek out on Eve at the same time.

So far in 2015 I've lost over 2 stone (16kg). I'm 6kg off what I was in 2003 and as well as that, I've listened a lot to the following podcasts:-

Podcast: Crossing Zebras
Style: Down the pub with your mates for some cheeky banter and a pint.
Quality: Very high. Obviously plenty of post-production here. Erms, ohs and silence appear to be edited out. Voice levels equalized. Music generally good other than Xander's taste in boy-bands. High quality.
My favorite podcast although it is a close call. From the Tron intro music intro to the wild swings between insults and man-love between the presenters. CZ has it all! Plenty of news and tinfoil hatting. Probably one of the best to keep you up with whats happening in the game. As Xander says a lot "I fucking love that!"

Podcast: Hydrostatic
Style: After School Discussion Group
Quality: Very high. Obviously plenty of post-production here. Erms, ohs and silence appear to be edited out. Voice levels equalized. High quality. Plenty of musical segways.
A close second. I use to think of myself as a bit of a Eve Geek. I know how Old Man Star got its name. I know about the Broker and the Macaper (sic) Prophesies. I am bloody John Snow (I know nothing) compared to these guys. The undisputed king lore-based podcast. If you want to know about lore and backstory as well as current events, this is the one for you.

Podcast: Fly Reckless
Style: A car enthusiast group meeting down the pub.
Quality: Same as the above. Fed up of copy and pasting ;)
Fly Reckless is a great podcast and tends to concentrate on the playing of Eve. You get a lot more talk and discussion on mechanics and how to, and how not to, play the game. Probably the best if you want to improve your game.

Podcast: Cap Stable
Style: Somewhere between CZ and FR
Quality: As the above, its extremely high. Love the Thunderbirds intro!
Another quality Eve podcast. Can be heavy on the news side of Eve but with a good mix of other topics. Kill of the week is always "interesting"!

These are the four I really listen to mostly. Am I missing any good other ones out?


  1. High Drag is a good listen and been going for about the same time as CZ. Also Alexeyv Karde and Ninja turtle on Declarations of War are worth subscribing to. And of course my corpie's podcast " A Podcast Apart" is awesome and should be compulsory listening :)

  2. Newbie focused, the tale of someone learning EVE episode by episode,but entertaining. Done by a couple of rl friends. The Learning Cliff (

  3. The podcast over on is worth a listen as well.

  4. No love for EVE Prosper? ;)