Sunday, October 30, 2011

Back to PvP. Kill a Hawk, Lose a Hawk

After my enforced break from PvP to rat my security status up from -10 I'm back in Black Rise and gunning for the squids. My new security status of -4.7 means I'm no longer a pirate, and also that going GCC is likely to be a bad idea!

So my target pool is the reduced to pirates and squids rather than everybody!

It's early Saturday morning I undock a Thrasher and go for a roam. It's dead. Damn you local time (GMT +4). So I go and play on the XBox for a while.

Later I come back and check the intel channels. The squids are plexing! So I undock the Thrasher and go hunting.

I see in the plexing channel someone is running a plex in Pynekastoh so I head there and find a corp mate already trying to grab the squid, I land on the acceleration gate and sit there just in case back up arrives. Sure enough another squid enters system and lands on the gate. I get the Hawk scrammed before he can activate the gate and open up on him. I had a Corpy with me in a 'Ceptor so we quickly melted him (although I took some armour damage).

I headed back to Nisuwa to repair and whilst there I reshipped into my own Hawk.

More reports of plexing in Pyne. At this point I'd like to point out that personally I don't give a crap about plexing. It's a worthless mechanic currently. BUT, it does give opportunities for PvP.

I land on the acceleration gate to the plex. Apparently there is a squid in there as well as a corpy. I see there are other squids in system so sit on the acceleration gate again to catch reinforcements. A Merlin lands but appears to be stabbed o.0

Then a Caldari Navy Hookbill lands and I get point. He engages..... and local spikes.

I know I'm buggered so overheat trying to kill him. He's low armour when a Rapier lands and webs me. Hookbill gets out of scram and rocket range and I know now I'm really, really dead. I note I have an improved blue pill in the cargo hold. Not really any point popping it as it won't save my skin, but then again it might drop and I don't want to be handing over multi-million ISK loot to the squids. Plus it'll appear on the kill mail so make my loss look higher.

So I pop the pill. It's clearly a tarp with me as the bait. Plenty of squids in system but only got a Rapier and a few frigates (Faction, AF and plain) on me. They are hoping my buddies come to rescue me and then the rest can jump on them. I tell them in comms not to bother and I'm going to make them use as much ammo as I can whilst burning my cap charges and ammo to reduce the value of the KM.

The frigates keep coming in, plinking at me and then burning away before I do too much damage to them. I'm webbed to buggery so cannot chase and I've got a side-effect on my booster which has gimped the explosive velocity of my missiles. But my tank is holding. A bit of overheating hear and there is working wonders.

5 minutes later and we're still going at it. I've bled a bit of armour but still holding. Pretty happy with the tank on this Hawk. My mates on comms are going "What? You are still alive???". To be honest there had been time for them to go back to the home system, reship and come back and bail me out. But I had no idea I'd last this long.

Finally they decided it might be an idea to all attack me at once rather than the 5 minute Kung Fu style fighting we've been doing where one attacks after another. It ends there....

Might have lost, but it was a good laugh. Nearly 20,000 damage taken in a frigate hull lol

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  1. Retribution (Assault frigate)
    75mm Gatling Rail II


    Hybrids buff is already here? oO