Wednesday, October 12, 2011

It's Over 30,000!

This week Shadows of the Federation hit a new milestone. We have now passed a total of 30,000 kills!

We've got more kills than the population of the Republic of San Marino! What's the next target.... erm.... Iceland? Muhahahahaha!

Actually, I'm personally only 17 kills off 2,500 kills according to Eve-Kill. By far the vast majority of those have been in Shadows of the Federation.

The corps 30,000th head was taken by none other than our very own Chuck Norris, Loren Gallen. Some noblet decided to go GCC.... on his Imperial Navy Slicer...... with a Arbitrator.... at a gate.

Really? GCC in a cruiser on a gate?

Surprisingly the Arby went pop! Why can I never find people like that? Cannot even blame it on "Ohmygoditsapiratekillititise" as Loren is not a pirate.

To celebrate this acheivement, lets have some Loren art because I know he REALLY loves it when I do this. Plus any blog that I write that mentions Loren Gallen gets lots of hits. I can only assume the Caldari Militia carebears Google him a lot.

Eelis' old "Loren Google"

Nisuwa by yours truly

And Jared found this animated gif of Loren hunting the Caldari

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  1. I like the google result for Loren Gallen: "My butt hurts"