Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Not a Pirates Life for Me... Anymore?

It's been a good few months since my sec status plummeted like a l@pd@ncers knickers during a private dance and I became a ebil -10 pirate going "G'aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrr" a lot.
At the time I was uneasy about the change of corp direction. I'd always played the "good guys" in games like Eve Online. This blog entry from back in July explained that I didn't like playing the "bad guys". However I did go -10 along with the corp and I did enjoy it. The gate and station guns and the GCC mechanics brought a whole new angle to the game. I had an increased target base (i.e. everyone) compared to faction war and there were always a few pilots with "OMG-Its-a-Pirate-Kill-It-itise" who would engage (aka Leeroy) in a ship that stood no chance against me, just because I was a pirate.

However we are now back in militia. We've tried the pirate AND militia thing together and it's not working well. There is a very nasty bug where remote assistance (such as logistics) to a pirate or GCC when you are in a militia gives you a faction standings hit. Therefore if you are in a militia fleet and are below -4.9 security status or GCC you won't get any logi lovin'.
Therefore it's been decided (well, our great and glorious leader decided) that we need to rat back up to -4.9. Not only that, we've got less than two weeks to do it in. A deadline of November has been set to sort our security status out.
I'm -10 currently and it's already the 18th October! That's a lot of ratting!

So I suppose time to look into the best way of ratting your sec status back up. Apparently there are a few ways I'm told.
But which of these would be the best for me to rat my security status back up to something respectable?
Level 4 Missions
Obviously not in hi-sec ;) Level 4 combat missions are good as you are pretty much garenteed BS rats and with it being a mission people will need to scan you down with probes if they want to interupt your "fun, fun, fun" PvE. However, you'll only gain security status slowly doing one mission and then moving on to another.
Chaining Level 4 Missions
If you can get two level 4 missions in adjacent low-sec systems you can hop betweem them killing a single rat battleship in each. I've been told that security status gain is based on the highest value of rat killed in each 15 minutes OR session change. So if you spend an hour missioning or belt ratting in the same system you'll get 4 security status boosts. If your missions have 10 BS each and you kill one, warp to the gate, jump, warp to the other mission, kill a BS and repeat, then you'll get 20 security status boosts in about the same time period. Obviously this is more dangerous as your passing through a gate all the time. I guess this would also work with a single mission if you killed a rat, jumped into another system, jumped back and returned to the mission. However that wastes more time than being able to warp to another mission so not as effective.
Belt Ratting
The most common way. Bounce the belts, find a BS kill it then go to the next system. Rinse and repeat until you start to cry.
Chaining Belts in Adjacent Systems
This is based on the chained level 4 missions. I would assume if you chain the belts in two adjacent systems you can kill a BS rat, jump through to the next system, kill another and then return to the first system. Even more risky than chaining missions as you can be ganked at a belt. But easier to do I would imagine than get two missions in exactly adjacent systems.
I suppose after I post this blog I'd better try the above to see if they work.
-10 to -4.9 or better in 13 days. It's going to be a PITA whatever I do!
Hang on a second? What ship should I use........?


  1. To give you some inspiration, Verone recently ratted his sec up from perfect -10 to above -2 in two days. Apparently, he stopped eating and sleeping.

  2. "Bounce the belts, find a BS kill it then go to the next system. Rinse and repeat until you start to cry."


  3. Well depends on rat battleships. Rats sometimes do a lot of damage, so tank is also important as DPS. You'll need something BC and up, probably a cane should be allright. Still, better would be to do it in a gang, exposing yourself the least to ebil piwats and the likes :)

    Bear in mind in the belts you are most exposed, more than in missions, you can have someone drop on you without havint time to spot probes.

    Imho, rat in null. Those rats have the biggest bounties and the best payout. Biggest problem is finding deserted nullsec systems.

    Or is it? :)