Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Christmas is Coming - But Will I Get My Main Present

Still on holiday in the UK so not being doing too much in Eve. Been going to parties and meeting up with friends rather than going on the corp roams (trust me I'd rather be roaming on some of these nights out). But when its wife vs CEO, wife wins on holiday!

But I have been able to keep abreast of the dev blogs.

CCP are revealing a lot of goodness for the winter expansion. Lots of new T2 mods, new tier 3 battlecruisers, new nebula and space backdrops, scalable UI, fuel pellets for POS', super capital nerf, dram nerf, hybrid balancing including buffing blaster boats, improved shadows, T2 ammo buff, time dilation, engine trails, cyno effect remodel, removal of insurance if you're CONCORDED, DPS on fitting window, reduction of session change, implants showing on pod kills..... Wow, never listed it out and there is a lot of stuff coming out and I bet I've not got it all in the above plus there is still more to come.

CCP wanted to appease the players with concentrating on Flying in Space (aka FiS) and they are doing a great job so far. Most of the player base are eagerly awaiting the new expansion.

However, I have a worry. Himlar's open letter ( had a line that put a smile on the face of our corp which was pretty much like the one I had last week on a night out with an old mate, for reasons I cannot post on here (giggity).

"Factional warfare needs to be fixed"

I very much doubt that anyone who plays Eve Online primary for faction war will disagree there. I'll not go into the background, read back on this blog and you can read plenty on whats wrong with faction war and what needs fixing. Hell, a quick scan of the forums and you can see a lot of issues being raised and some good ways of solving them.

But so far we've heard nothing on the faction war fix/iteration. Is it coming? Has it been side lined?

Yes there are "only" 22,000 customers who are part of faction war (just checked numbers). That doesn't sound a lot given Eve's 300,000 subscribers, but how many alts are there in Eve? Of my 8 characters Drackarn is the only one I really play. The others are utility characters. I would think if you looked at active players that's a decent percentage that would be happy if FW was fixed.

So come on CCP, yes I know you are trying to implement the things that will make the most people happy, but you need to give faction war a little bit of loving! Pleeeeeeeeeeeasssssssseeeeeeeee..............

P.S. Back in the Middle East on Thursday so more blogging about PvP and less whining about FW fixes ;)

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