Saturday, November 26, 2011

Come Back Here and Get What's Coming to You!

"Come back here and get what's coming to you! I'll bite your legs off!"
The Black Knight

It was supposed to be epic.

It was supposed to be fun.

It was supposed to be war!

It turned out to be a (very) damp squid ;)

Just over a week ago I reported here that a Caldari militia corp, Immortal Legion, had moved into our home system of Nisuwa. We were excited about this. War targets on our front doorstep! We'd heard that they were epic station campers and played station games, but that didn't bother us. We wouldn't need to roam for targets, they would be here with us in system! Fantastic!

However we should have seen how this would end after our first proper engagement with them the night after they moved. The fight was rather one sided - LINKY - and it didn't go well for Immortal Legion. After that we didn't really see much of them in Nisuwa. We did encounter them around the warzone, but generally they kept themselves away from the station and gates in Nisuwa.

It was a massive disappointment. You know one of those things that you think is going to epic and then just fizzles out and dies. Well this was one of them. They've buggered off!

It was during this week we captured Nisuwa for the Gallente Federation. For those of you not familiar with the delights of faction war plexing....

Each system in the low-sec war zones has a sovereignty and occupation status, just look at the system info in the top left of the screen. In these systems complexes randomly spawn like exploration sites. You can scan them down with your ships on board scanner. If your militia has occupation in the system then the rats that spawn in the plex will be friendly. Inside the plex there will also be a structure named after the class of plex. It might be a Caldari Major Facility for example. If you orbit it at close range the timer shown on it will count up. After about 20 minutes, or something... I'm not sure as I don't really plex, the plex will close and you've made that plex safe and it despawns. If the enemy militia occupies the system then the rats inside it will shoot at you. Again you orbit the structure but this time the timer ticks down. When it hits zero you capture that plex. You need to capture something like 21 more plexs than the occupying militia makes safe or something along those lines. If you do that the system becomes vulnerable. In this state the control bunker can be shot. It's like a mini POS bash. Damage the control bunker enough and you'll take the system and the occupancy will switch after downtime. Therefore Nisuwa went through the following stages over a period of a few months:-

Occupancy : Caldari State
Occupancy : Caldari State (Contested)
Occupancy : Caldari State (Vulnerable)
Occupancy : Caldari State (Lost)
Occupancy : Gallente Federation

This takes a lot of effort, a lot of time and a lot of patience. One of the big gripes with FW mechanics currently is that it also means nothing. All you get is bragging rights over the otherside. However, a certain Caldari Militia pilot loves plexing so much its an incentive to some people in the Gallente Militia to plex just make him mad!?!?

However with Immortal Legion moving in we thought that it would be difficult for us to take Nisuwa. We expected them to capture plexs to stop us capturing the system, we expected them to harrass our pilots capturing the plex. We were wrong again. They pretty much left us alone in Nisuwa after the first fight!

The last we saw of Immortal Legion was this carrier the other night (LINKY) and then yesterday their POS was mostly taken down all except for the large Amarr tower. Well it would be rude to ignore it wouldn't it (LINKY)

So they came, they saw, they fought, they GTFO!

How we have a free moon in Nisuwa as well as plenty of spare space in the State Potectorate Station. If you are a Caldari Militia Corp looking for a change of scene and would like a system where there is plenty of PvP guaranteed, you could do a lot worse than look at Nisuwa. Two jumps for the PvP hotspot of Tama, three jumps to another major Gallente Militia staging area of Heyd, three jumps from Caldari hi-sec, five(ish) to Jita, a station with ship repair and medical (cloning) facilities and home to SoTF who always like a gf!

Come on down. Whats the worst that could happen!

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