Friday, November 18, 2011

We'll Be Fine Lads - We've Got Five Carriers

I'm back in the Middle East! After a two week holiday in the UK to see friends, family and things you see in the UK I'm back to the desert.

I had read on the corp forums that the Caldari Militia corporation, Immortal Legion, had moved to our home system of Nisuwa. We've got no problem with that, in fact quite the opposite. Now we don't have to roam to find targets, we get home delivery! Just like calling 0800-BRINGSQUID. However there was a warning, Immortal Legion are infamous station campers apparently, and love nothing better than sitting on a station undock.

Interesting. Anyway I read that at T5 Heathrow, powered the phone off and boarded the plane. Fast forward more than a few hours and we're home, it's late and I'm tired. Now I really should go to bed but may be I'll just say hi to the guys, I've had grief for two weeks about not having a mic to be on voice comms properly so I'll just say hello.


"Everyone in armour BS NOW!"


"Whats the deal?"

"Our new neighbors are camping station with 5 carriers, logistics and faction battleships"

Now there is NO way I can log now. I have a flick through my hanger and see I have a Abaddon ready to roll. I insure it quick and I jump in fleet. Great timing as 30 seconds later one of our guys undocks and they aggress.


As I undock I see the carriers, a few Ravens (Navy Issue) plus Drakes and assorted other crap including a Basilisk.

Primaries are called and even with the reps we start ploughing through their ranks. ECM is helping us break the carrier reps and our BS and laying down the hurt. I cannot use lasers, I never trained them past T1 smalls. So my Abaddon has a full rack of T2 1400's. I'm like Charlie Fodder. DING............. DONG!

One of the squid carriers "accidentally" drifts off station thanks to some good bumps and after we've taken care of all the sub-caps we turn our attention to the carrier off station. The other Caldari Militia carriers keep trying to rep him up but are forced to dock/undock thanks to our efforts in attacking them too. They don't manage to save him and he has named capital mods fitted. Sweet!

The KB is a bit messed up as it includes some fighting after. Just after we kicked their arses a squid fleet instantly formed up in Enaluri (assume a call for back up went out) and headed directly over to us. In the confusion of forming up we lost the Lach. In the initial station engagement we didn't lose a ship (we have our own carriers you know!).

A good fight and I was so lucky to log on at the right time!

Looking forward to the next time these guys want to borrow a cup of sugar!


  1. Nice job... Caldari militia are idiots.


  2. Ahahaha!
    Sounds like a lot of fun!
    Great pix, too.