Sunday, October 28, 2012

200 Posts and Some Gallisms

This is my 200th post here on SC&S and I'm still AFK on holiday! Hopefully I'm still somewhere in the middle of the Red Sea getting some cracking dives in.

Just a quick view of the stats over those 200 posts.

  • Most popular post is the PL titan gank.
  • Apart from Google, most people have found their way here via Facebook, Eve Bloggers, Reddit, Eveogander and Evealtruist.
  • Most popular search words in Eve are "Eve Online Inferno" and "CCP Punkturis". Seriously guys.....
  • Readers mostly come from the US, then UK, Germany, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, Sweden, France, Russia and Norway.
  • Firefox and Chrome are most popular with IE still there at 16%.
  • 74% of people are using Windows, 8% on Macs, Android devices are 6% with iPhone, iPad, Linux, Wnidows NT and Blackberry finishing up.

In other news I was sad to hear my ex-CEO and friend, Gallactica, is quiting Eve. If you've been in the Gallente/Caldari militia for any length of time you will of heard of him. Shadows of the Federation led the Gallente come-back in 2009 when the Caldari held all of the low-sec warzone with the formation of the Villore Accords. That agreement between several of the larger Gallente militia corps resulted in a turn around and the pushing back of the Caldari. From the Villore gate in OMS being camped by the squids 23.5/7 we were camping the Nourv gate in Tama within a few months.

But with three young daughters (Oh are you in for some fun when they hit teenagers mate! You'll need to hire a portable toilet for the garden for your own use!), heavy workload and a wife, he's decided to quit Eve.

Hopefully he'll be back, never say never etc. I could list the achievements he accomplished in game, but that would be boring. Instead I'll go for some of the greatest Gallisms.

7 years experience, 100m+ Skill Points, "What warp to zero button?"
Gall had a reputation for losing pods. In low-sec this is rather uncommon. We always assumed he had bad lag as he always said he was trying to warp. Then one day someone asked if he was already spamming the "warp to zero button" as he was going down. He had no idea what we were on about. Apparently he was right-clicking in space, selecting a celestial  selecting warp, selecting 0km. Unsurprisingly he was getting snagged by fast tackle. He had no idea about the warp to zero button in the top right-hand corner.

Underpants and Computer Says No.
Gall was online in a hotel whilst working away. It was late, the red wine was flowing, and we were killing. He went AFK to get some more drink, and came back disappointed as the girl at the hotel bar wouldn't serve him. It wasn't that late and we all know Gall is a charmer so what was the problem? Apparently his hotel room was 3 doors from the bar, so rather getting dressed he ran there in his underpants. Unsurprisingly the lady at the bar said "Computer says noooooo." in a Little Britain styleeeeeee.

Apricot Scrub

I'm a Pretty Lady!
For some strange reason Gall shared a certain photograph with us that Eelis turned into a recruitment poster. No need for any more words here.....

If any SoTF'ers can remember any more, post them as comments and I'll add them all when I get back to civilisation in two weeks!


  1. Two that come to mind. First involved him answering the door to S810 Jr at the First Nottingham Meetup. In the middle of the Night, with less clothes than he had on for the Bar Run in the main post!

    Other one? Cash Machine, Epic Double Take

    1. Narr it was I heard a noise outside my room just as I was about to leave and goto a club as everyone else had gone back to their rooms. I looked out the peep hole to see Gall standing in his doorway facing my door with the birthday suit on. Then Claire's arm wrap around him and drag him back in saying "wrong door". Turns out he was trying to find the loo.

      I drank more than normal that night, but still couldn't forget it.