Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Is CCP Reading My Blog.....?

......or was the obvious thing to do?

Faction War has been pretty crap this month. On announcement that the ISK faucet is being turned off in the next expansion (or so everyone assumed) many players have decided to farm LP's for all they are worth in order to cash in before December.

Basically unless you've been living on a remote veldspar asteroid in wormhole space, you should know that billions can be made relatively easy by farming faction war plexes and then having a concerted "cash in" with the other militia members. Faction War is NOT working as intended. Faction war should be about PvP, but you could milk the ISK cow in a T1 frigate with no guns and an afterburner. And that is what people were doing, en-mass.

I've been chasing gun-less Caldari militia players all over Black Rise. Frustrating  but also very satisfying when you pop that cloaky T1 Frigate! But generally I was chasing Incursus and Merlins that ran as soon as I landed on grid. Each running for a good reason - they had no weapons. Just the afterburner and maybe a few stabs!

I had said this was killing Faction War and basically Faction War would be dead until December as everyone whored away trying to make as much cash as possible before CCP shut off the ISK waterfall.

I really did think that CCP should bring in the changes early for the mechanics side of faction war and stop people farming and get them fighting. But I thought that is not going to happen as one, all those people who had spent weeks and weeks farming loyalty points and had built up a massive stock pile ready for the next tier 5 cash-in would suddenly find them devalued by a huge factor, and two, there would be tears.

Then, in CCP Soundwave's words....... SURPRISE!

Queue a Dev Blog from CCP that gave one days notice that they were implementing changes to shut the ISK dispenser off. A-fecking-mazing!

So will numbers in FW drop? Absolutely. Every man and their dog had created an alt to enter faction war and make ISK. As well as the huge variation in LP store prices according to war zone control level being scrapped, you cannot capture a complex without killing the rats. You cannot kill the rats with an afterburner and some tank mods. It is the end of the gun-less Incursus? Let us hope so!

P.S. This is my last manually posted entry for two weeks. I'm off diving! I'm queuing up posts to automatically go up over the next two weeks so hopefully there will be content whilst I'm away. If not, well then I ****ed up the schedule thingy-ma-bob! Fly deadly o/

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  1. "that the ISK faucet is being turned off"... it isn't a faucet, just a too much nerved sink through that 1/4 cash-in problem ;-)

    But yes, it looks like CCP was listening to the community that December might be too late to "fix" it. As usual there are again people complaining but it was a step in the right direction.
    The 1/4th cut down looked too big from the beginning. Guess CCP didn't expect that they would be reached regularly. But they shouldn't have applied it to ISK in the first place. Cutting needed LPs to 25% would have been enough and the ISK sink would have worked just fine.