Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Can I Haz Ur Blog Post

Just a short one here unless anyone wants to hear about me chasing T1 frigates out of plexes all the FECKING TIME! Seriously! I'm half tempted to quit Eve until the expansion. My timezone is just fecking farmers!!!! Anyway, TL;DR - I'm looking for a few guest blog posts on here whilst I'm on holiday.

At the end of the month I'm off on two weeks holiday. Not only will I be AFK from Eve, I'll be truly AFK. I'm on a dive boat that is heading out to the middle of the Red Sea (Brother islands) and therefore the only computer I'll have is the one strapped to my wrist that uses a theoretical model to calculate the amount of dissolved nitrogen in my body from all of the pressurised air I'll be breathing.

This is my first real holiday away from any form of IT since I started this blog. The only other two week holiday I've had covered Fanfest and a visit back to the UK where I had my laptop and did a few posts to cover the drunken haze that was the Fanfest long weekend.

Most of my posts these days are reactive following something happening on Eve or something I see which gets me thinking. Therefore I'm not sure I can pre-prepare two weeks of blog posts and schedule them up.

I suppose I could put a post up before I go with a "Gone Diving! Be back in two weeks" message and leave it at that. But I've had another idea. I'd like to ask YOU to do a blog post for here! May be you've got something to say, may be you don't fancy saying it on the flame filled, troll infested Eve-O forums and cannot be bothered to start a full blog.

If you fancy writing a post on anything Eve related email me at my character name at gmail dot com and I'll set them to auto-post whilst I'm away.

In fact even if you have your own blog, why not do a post for here and publicise your own blog at the same time?


  1. Sounds almost like paradise... except for that nitrogen in the blood thing. Be safe and enjoy!

    1. Nitrogen is just like GCC. Have your fun then have a boring wait afterwards (aka safety stop at 5m for 3 minutes)

  2. Love the Red Sea, been there on 3 safaris so far. Brother Islands are a great place to see lots of sharks - managed to see a large school of hammerheads there once, now that's an impressive sight.

    1. You jammy git! Seen a Thrasher shark there and a lone hammerhead at Daetalus (sic) But never a school. Oceania whitetips at Elphinestone are my fave :)

    2. The Whitetips are the ones that make me a bit nervous, they can be quite nosy and borderline aggressive at times.
      Once you've gone liveaboard there's no going back.

    3. They get a bit pissed off if you touch them! Make sure you have a big camera rig and you'll be ok

      OK....... it was about the most scared I've ever been lol

      It was mad, bro! But gave me a great photo!