Wednesday, February 13, 2013

For CSM 8, This Blog..... Will Be Mostly Supporting......

......Marc Scaurus.

Last year I supported Hans Jagerblitzen and was more than happy at that in the end. Not only did he get onto the CSM but became one of the hardest working members. This is confirmed through the Eve-O Blog Banter 43 where he received most of the nominations from his peers in the blogshpere as "CSM'r of 2012". Did I say most? Actually he was unopposed for that award!

It was last month that Hans declared he would not be seeking a second term. The amount of work he had put in the past year was a strain on real-life and his family. I'd just like to thank Hans for his Herculean efforts during CSM 7 and also making this blog look good in that it backed on of the stars of CSM 7 and not a useless free-loader! You know what I mean....

So with no Hans on deck (sorry) I need a new candidate to support this year. I'm after someone who is for low-sec, who knows what is broken here. Someone who is about the PvP whether that is faction war, piracy or like me, both at the same time. "G'aaarrrrrr for the Federation".

I'm looking for someone who wants to turn low-sec around. Not just for PvP but for everyone, the carebears, the industrialists, the farmers and the PvE'rs. Obviously I am bias and want more players attracted to low-sec so I can blow them up but that is not the point! Lets fix the risk verse reward which is the wrong way around.

Ideally I'd also like someone who is heavily involved in the OOG community. The Eve-O fansites, the blogs and the #tweetfleet.

I know this is asking a lot to find all this in a single CSM candidate...... hang on a second!!!! There's one right here in the Quantum Cats Syndicate!!!

Hi Marc and welcome to SC&S!
Thanks for having me, I'm a long time fan!

What made you decide to run for CSM8?
With Hans Jagerblitzen stepping down, I felt it was important to ensure that lowsec retains a strong and clear voice on the CSM, especially with the progress that CSM7 made with CCP. They are now focusing on the 'big picture' of EVE Online, making it more important than ever to have lowsec representation on the Council.

You are running under a low-sec agenda. What do you feel are the biggest problems in Low-Sec
The big issue with lowsec is the same as it ever was: too much risk for not enough reward. I know it is an old drum that has been beaten nearly to death over the years, but it still hasn't been satisfactorily addressed by CCP. I'm running to push forward for four key things when it comes to lowsec: Increasing its tangible impact on EVE; revitalizing industry in the area; bringing a wider variety of gameplay opportunities to lowsec; and continuing the work put in so far on faction warfare and crimewatch.

You have mentioned Sec Status before. I've always found it weird CONCORD doesn't care about null-sec, but that's the best place to rat up! What do you think the way forward on this is?
It is absolutely ridiculous that, in order to recover something lost in empire, the best route is to go outside the purview of 'the law'. Centering the ability to regain security status lost in lowsec in lowsec is a simple way to bring more activity to the area. As far as how to do that, the 'Tags for Sec' idea (which has been around awhile) is a relatively easy way - have lowsec-specific rats drop certain tags that can be redeemed at CONCORD locations in lowsec in return for small restorations of security status gains. Another way to do it could involve killing other outlaws for gains (though this would have to be implemented carefully to avoid exploitation), or offering 'redemption' in the way of CONCORD-sponsored activities in lowsec.

Faction War received a lot of work last year. Firstly it got more broken, then got more fixed. Do you think there is still more itteration to be had there?
Definitely. Faction warfare is, more or less, in a 'stable' state now. As you said, it was broken and then it got fixed. However, I'd love to see it grow further, into a feature that is stable over the long term, as well as has a greater impact on the universe. When the Gallente militia conquered all of Caldari's FW space, they got a medal for it - and everyone else in EVE (hell, most of lowsec as well) went along their merry way. Having FW make an impact on the rest of the game is a huge improvement to be made to the system. Of course, there are other things like an LP Store revamp (both in concept and in game) that would make FW all the better.

OK, how about a real hot potato. Incarna?
As launched, an absolute pile of crap. Thankfully, CCP is well on the road to recovery and has demonstrated a new commitment to Flying in Space content. That being said, I think that things like Dust 514 and the concept shown awhile back in Moscow of having capsuleers walking about in Sleeper stations (as an extension of the exploration process) have demonstrated that there is merit in the idea of, at some point, expanding beyond just spaceships. However, that is something that should be addressed slowly, over time, and with the majority of resources at CCP still dedicated to making the core EVE Online game better.

The (not) POS Revamp is another hot-topic. What are your views?
POSes are ancient things in the context of EVE Online, utilizing obsolete code and representing a huge effort just to sort out, much less improve upon. That being said, POSes also have a huge impact on more than just the people that run them. From null to low and high to w-space, POSes are a pain and need to be fixed - plain and simple. Thankfully, I think the community's opinion on the matter has been heard by CCP and I think it very likely that we will see POSes improved upon over the course of the next couple of years.
In terms of what we need to do to fix them, the list of complaints is a long one. The short of it is that we need POSes to have a better interface; to be easier to set up and maintain; and to provide more useful functions. While wormhole residents are understandably at the forefront of the POS push, improvements to POSes can also be greatly beneficial to lowsec. Lowering the barrier of entry into POSes is something I will also push for, if elected. Ownership should be something that everyone can experience and enjoy.

Can you give three examples of things you'd be looking to change/improve/itterate on in 2013/14
Just three?! I would push for lowsec's income generation abilities improved greatly (be it through new lowsec-specific resources, expansions to the exploration system in lowsec, or the improvement of industrial capabilities); I would like to see faction warfare improved upon to provide impact to all of New Eden; and beginning the process of revamping POSes are all top priorities for me in the coming year. Of course, there are tons of other things that I think are achievable and impactful to EVE Online - continuing work on bounty hunting (private bounties!), ensuring the link between Dust and EVE is done right (something which should be of concern to all of lowsec), as well as improving the CSM's transparency in a useful manner so that the players can more accurately judge the people they entrust with their voice.

I'm about done with my questions.... for now.... but in the style of Starship Troopers and DUST514, where can people go if they want to know more?
People are more than welcome to hit up my Forum post on the Eve-O forums with questions, comments or concerns. They can also read my original announcement on my blog, which also has contact details if they'd like to get in contact privately.

Well thank you Marc for taking time out to chat here. Any final words?
Thanks for the opportunity here! CSM8 is going to have an unprecedented opportunity to influence CCP's direction, both in the long term and for the expansions that fall under their term. It is absolutely imperative that lowsec have a strong, clear voice in order to push forward for further improvements. At the end of the term, what I aim to achieve is to have more people than ever in lowsec while preserving what lowsec is all about.

* The "mostly supporting" in the title is actually a nod to Jesse's Fashion/Diet tips from the Fast Show. Just couldn't get that out of my head when thinking of the title. For you non-Brits see here but I have a feeling the humour might not translate well.


  1. Marc will be a great CSM member and has been a big source of encouragement and support throughout the last year as we've tackled issues affecting lowsec. He's a great communicator and hard worker, and will absolutely get one of my votes. If you're looking for a strong lowsec representative, Marc's your man. o7

  2. Thanks for having me on the blog, Drack, much appreciated!