Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Night We Went to Visit the Goons.

Well that was an Eve packed weekend! It all started when I got a corp email on Thursday regarding an invitation to an event on Friday night. It looked to be an interesting fleet roam. Apparently it looked to be a mass drunken roam to null-sec with the expectation of everyone dying in a fire! I've copied the email below removing the names of the guilty parties and also taking out the list of fittings.


friday 8 feb - big ass b-day fleet of drunk and explosions
From: Someone in DnD who is FC
Sent: 2013.02.06 17:16
To: DnD and their friends

So, it's my b-day on friday and the plan is simple. Tier 1 BS, T1 logi, a couple suicide triage in backup, empty clones, alcohool and run around null throwing SBUs, camping stations and JBs till we piss off someone . THen get all exploded in a big ball of awesome and drink more.

Formup 20:00 Nisuwa , nullsec clones.

Fittings (in order of prefference) :

etc etc etc etc


The actual roam was programmed to start a bit late for me at midnight local time, but it sounded like proper fun. So I had a kip early evening after getting back from my afternoon drinking sesh. Remember Fridays are the first day of the weekend here so a great time to head down one of the local hotels, let the wife go for a swim in the pool, whilst I meet up with the lads for a refreshing pint or three at the adjacent bar!

I already had got my ship ready that morning. After getting the email I looked through the requested fittings and decide that my Disco Domi has been alive for far too long. So I stripped the fittings from it and refit to the requested doctrine of a Optimal Range Damping Domi. 350mm Railguns in the highs, a long point and 4 tracking distruptors with optimal range dampening scripts in the mids and full tank in the lows. Thankfully it was already triple-trimarked so I didn't need to mess with the rigs. The New Eden Flying Space Potato! All ready to bring pain and suffering to the null-bears!

The allotted time arrives and soon the fleet is up to 80 odd. The FC sounds already pissed and we've got mostly the required doctrines with a few ragtag fleet members bringing small stuff. Not that it is a problem, as BS tend not to be able to lock anything fast and the odd Rifter will provide some much needed fast tackle. Very soon we have a nice looking fleet on the undock of Nisuwa station ready to rock, and indeed, roll.

We start heading to 0.0 and a few poor squids and some odd neutrals jump into us on the way. Sort of spoils their roam when they jump the gate only to find an 80 strong war-target/pirate battleship fleet with fast tackle the other side. I never got on those early kill-mails as one of the other BS doctrines had sensor boosters fitted. Even Drakes die fast to that many BS shooting them in the face. Anyway we finally make it to null sec and head to our first destination, space in the sovereignty of the alliance Fatal Ascension. The plan was already in motion, along with the tier 1 battleships and assorted support we also have a cloaky hauler with us.

We arrive in L-C307 and dropped three SBU's that we brought along specially for this system. See, the cloaky hauler did have a purpose! We are hoping this will provoke a reaction from FA. It did....

[22:18:39] Dantheus > what do you cunts think you are doing?

Wow! Friendly bunch these FA guys! So we decide to attack the med-bay section of the station whilst the SBU's are onlining.

Wow again! Those things have a lot of hit points! We hear that FA think we have PL on the batphone and in the end FA give us sweet FA in the way of good fights. The most we saw of them were them undocking from the station one at a time in pods. We cannot be bothered grinding all those HP's on the station. So..... the FC decides to head to Goon space. Just to make sure we get a fight, not that I think that would have been an issue anyway, but we post in local that we are going to VFK. Either a local Goon or a friendly FA guy alerted the CFC that we were coming and soon we get intel that the Goons were clone jumping back to VFK and shipping up.

It was only a few jumps to VFK and we'd not been in the system a couple of minutes when a bubble went up and a Alpha-fleet landed on us. Literally..... landed on us....... as they got caught within their own bubble! Was either that or they had bad intel and warped to the wrong range!

A good few kills later on both sides and our logi is struggling so the FC calls in the suicide-triage. The goons then "dropped" a couple of Titans and doomsdays soon lit up the space! The Suicide Triage defiantly lived up to it's name. I was positioned directly between a Titan and its target and was treated to a great light show as the doomsday beam skimmed my hull. I cannot be sure the Titans cyno'd in or just warped to the fight in system. Hell, for all I know it was another bridge gone wrong! It was coming up to 3am and there had been a fair quantity of Bulmers cider consumed by that point. I was just trying to focus on shooting whilst going "Ooooooo pertieeeeee!!". I was too slow on the screenshot button though.

At this point I'm wondering what is up. I'm still alive! I'm never alive this long in big fleet battles. All I've had attack me so far is a Goon Celestis. I'm guessing that the alpha-BS had been complaining I was being a nasty man and dampening down their optimals. And to be fair to them, I had been. I picked a few sniper BS and stuck a tracking distruptor on each and then used my guns on the primary, stick drones on small crap buzzing about us. I guess alpha BS don't like being damp(ed).

Comms starts to get ominously quiet. I realise there are very few of us left and we're just trying to blap small stuff as we don't have the DPS to break the logi on the BS. The hostile FC finally gets around to calling me, one of the last alive, and I don't even broadcast for reps. One, there was no logi left that I knew of, and two, I went down like a sack of shit. My poor Domi was red boxed by 80+ angry Goons in big internet spaceships. Even with over-heated hardeners and twin plates my armour vanishes under a storm of fire. I think it was about 6 seconds between being yellow boxed and being sat in my pod!

I leave my pod drifting in the bubble, I saw no point trying to escape. It was past 3am, it was too many jumps to low-sec and it was an empty clone. Oh yeah, plus I was drunk. 12m ISK to upgrade the medical clone sounded a small price to pay for arriving instantly back home with no hassle. A minute later some nice Goon obliged and cracked my pod open. A while later I hear on Twitter that the CFC target callers had gone Z-A. Along with the fact I was in a Dominix appears to be the reason I was well down the list. 

Now that was fun! A drunk fleet, good banter, a very good laugh and a cracking fight at the end.

*Fittings are now hardly secret tbh, just look at the KB to see :)

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  1. Gone Z-A my furry ass, I start with K and was the first off the field :(

    Also, stuff happened exactly in VFK, not a few jumps out :D