Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Now I Am Become Death....

.....Destroyer of Squids.

You know those Eve Online sessions that follow Murphy's Law? If anything can go wrong, it will go wrong? I get plenty of those. Lose a ship, reship, immediately lose that ship, reship, die and then rage quit before losing any more ships trying to turn around the losing streak. Well last night it went the other way.

Despite what some Squids are commenting the Nisuwa area is damn full of farming squids. I don't really know if their "PvP forces" are concentrating on other areas, but currently there is no real effort around us. So when I logged on I thought I'd camp the Nisuwa gate in Notoras with a Thrasher and kill some of them.

After a while there was gate-fire and a squid in local. I pre-overheated my guns and hovered ready to try and catch him. Another gate fire, another squid. OK, two of them. But this is Notoras, a dead-end system popular with farmers. I might be able to kill them if they are plexing fit. A third gate fire but I didn't care. A Daredevil decloaked! I don't care what is jumping through, I want that DD!

I grab point and my first volley wipes out his shields. He posts something in local in Russian as my second volley turns him into a wreck. I assume he has saying "I say old chap. Jolly good catch there!". The 2nd squid had decloaked during this and I am now pointed by a Vengence. I am happy with my DD kill so I return fire on the Assault frigate not expecting to survive. He dies, quickly! By then the 3rd and an unseen 4th squid have me in a Slasher/Rapier combo and I go down. A T2 fit Thrasher for a Daredevil and a Assault Frigate? I'll take that any day of the week. I reship in system and head back to the gate. All three wrecks are still there so I scoop the loot and post my DD kill in corp. Its only after a corpie starts laughing that I relook at the kill-mail. Yes, it's a Daredevil with a cloak!

I go AFK a few minutes to start cooking dinner and when I get back I find a squid Hawk in system. I jump into a different fit Thrasher and decide to give him a go. I scan him down with the D-Scanner to a medium plex and find him sat on the acceleration gate. We engage and I am in low armour as he pops. Super!

I scoop the loot, repair in station and go back to the medium plex to capture in. After a few minutes the squid Rapier pilot who got me on the DD engagement appears on short scan and I align. He warps in, I warp out. The D-scanner indicated that he had cloaked up inside the plex so I relay that to the intel channels, its a tarp!, and head to a small plex that he cannot get in and start capturing that one.

A few minutes later the Hawk pilot is back in a brand new Hawk! He enters my plex and I'm a happy bunny. The last fight was close as he started with a bit of range. This time we're 500m from each other. My AC's tear him a new one and he pops as I'm just entering armour. We have a chat in local as he is wondering what he is doing wrong (but nobody uses local chat right?) and I give him some pointers. I've already decided I'm not going to fight him a third time as I just told him how to fight an AC Thrasher in a Hawk. I suppose I could have then swapped to an Arty Thrasher....

... but in the end he didn't try for a third time.

Next up a fellow QCat was engaging a Cormorant next-door and was having trouble so I went to help. He was MWD snipe fit and I couldn't catch him as I was AB/AC. Took some creative flying with liberal overheating of the afterburner to shake off his long point and warp back to station in 40% structure. How did I get away? Another corpy snagged him and killed him so for me that was just a whore-kill. But again, it was amazing I was able to get away from him.

Back in Nisuwa I decided to camp the Kedama gate next. I swapped ships and waited. Gate-fire and new squid! I recognised the name, it's the guy who flys Merlins with a full rack of warp core stabilisers  He decloaks, I grab point and he just sits there as I two-volley him. Strange! However as I'm podding him for flying with so many stabs, two neuts have appeared and see a juicy pirate ripe for killin'. I accept I'm in trouble, this Thasher has zero tank and no prop-mod and is simply set up for sitting on a gate at zero and insta-locking stuff and dealing two massive volleys. The Rifter comes in close and I align hoping to give the 280mm's enough range to track. His Kestrel mate is also closing fast, I assume the Kessy is short-point and rocket fit as I see no light missiles coming from range. The Rifter takes a few glancing blows before I get a lucky shot and pop him. By now I'm in low armour and the Kestrel has me pointed. Again my luck holds and I pop him in two good shots. I warp to station with my ship on fire and in low structure thinking "What is happening tonight?". That is a 4v1 and and 3v1 where I've come out grinning plus the two 1v1's and a lucky escape with that kitey Cormorent.

I go AFK to eat and come back an hour later. Nisuwa is now packed with blues. I'm about to call it a night when someone spots a Hurricane on the Oin gate. I was docked so I hop in my RJ Sacrilege and undock. The 'Cane is reported to have jumped through whilst I was in warp to the gate. I land and jump after him knowing other QCats are warping to the gate, I tell them to hold as I have jumped into a small gate camp. Certainly nothing to worry about with the 'Cane, a Hawk and an Incursus. My Sacrilege has a massive buffer tank and could easily slow boat back to the gate even when webbed. In fact that gives me an idea for snagging all three even though it was the 'Cane I wanted.

I decloak and align back to the gate. I don't activate my MWD and the 1600mm plate makes the align nice and slow. As expected they think I'm trying to run and get back to gate. Seriously guys? With no prop mod? The Hawk gets a web on me which is when the Hurricane and Incursus red box me thinking I won't be able to make it when webbed.

"They are red boxed! I mean red circled! Oh whatever you want to call it these days, jump in and kill 'em all!"

Points are spread, squids are killed and my armour hardly took a scratch. A good finish to a great night of PvP between doing small jobs around the house, burning some mix CD's and cooking a Tandoori chicken dinner. Lets end this happy, happy blog post with some happy, bouncy music..... with ponies... and DEATH!!!!!


  1. That is good honest work you are doing there, DDs with cloaks deserve to die a fiery death.

  2. I can't understand why anyone would farm plexes in a ship that expensive. I can't comment on how much farming goes on in nisuwa as I personally stay away when I'm solo roaming. Always seems my nice fights quickly turn into six on one gang bangs.

    Nice job on a solid day/night of kills. Maybe one day we'll meet on the battlefield

    1. Agreed, its like those who farm hi-sec level 4's in 22bn ISK Officer fit ships.

      How many level 4's do you need to do to make even on that investment??? And then one hi-sec gank later and.....!