Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Tale of Two Condors

Last night started off badly, I lost a Vengeance against another Vengeance pretty much straight away. His active tank was more than a match for my buffer tank. Next up I managed to lose a Thrasher to a Condor! Now this guy used tactics I have used in the past - kite and damp. I was set up off a faction war acceleration gate hoping to snag any squid who warped to the gate before scanning to see if anyone was in there. Unfortunately this Condor pilot wasn't that dumb and came in at range.

He orbited me with a long point and MWD on at 20km. Along with a remote sensor dampener with a targeting range script I could do nothing but shake my fist at him as he slowly killed me. Now in hindsight there are things I should have done and am pretty much kicking myself I didn't think of them during the fight. How many times in Eve have you been podding home and thought "Wait a bloody minute! If I had done X I might have survived!!!!! IDIOT!!!!".

But I didn't think of it at the time and I was assploded for being a dummy! Bloody Condor!

Anyway its good to see more PvP'rs around given the last couple of months!

I roamed on and found a plexing war target Kestrel nearby after fitting up a new Thrasher. He was a "runner" and didn't want to fight so I set up on the out-gate and used a militia alt to chase him from plex to plex for a while in system. As expected he wasn't interested in PvP, he was a farmer, so in the end he left the system by the only gate. Hey buddy! Surprise!

Oh yes, look at that fit! A proper faction war farmer. I spoke too soon. No point and a multi-spectrum ECM mod fitted.

I went AFK a while and came back a bit later to find a squid in local! Coming to Nisuwa on your own? Will they never learn? I undocked and scanned him down and he appeared to be in a Rifter in a novice plex so I docked up and reshipped to a Merlin before undocking again. As I undocked from the station, what do I see? A flashy orange Caldari Militia Rifter 30km off my starboard bow! I burn towards him, he stays still, I get closer, he stays still. I haven't locked him in case I spook him, and continue to burn. As soon as I get within 10km it is lock, scram, web and FIRE ALL THE THINGS in rapid succession!!!!

He doesn't respond. Is he AFK? No, he's finally locking me back. But he's not returning fire yet? He's half shield and dropping fast! What is he doing?

At about quarter shield he agresses back but it's far too late for him and he goes down. At that point he says in local he forgot he cannot dock in enemy controlled systems. I dock up with his loot with an image of him spamming the dock button and screaming at the monitor.......

So onto my last kill of the night which is the other Condor from this posts title. I found him plexing in a dead end system so set up the same tarp as I did for the Kestrel. I stick Drack in a Thrasher on the other side of the stargate and use an in-militia alt to chase the Condor around the system until he gets the hint and leaves. Gate-fire, decloak, lock, one-volley, lock, one-volley and very quickly there is a wreck and a frozen corpse ready for me to scoop. I note from the notifications that I got almost 10,000 loyalty points from that! I quickly check the kill mail to see if anything juicy dropped expecting a faction micro-warp drive or similar as the kill gave me so many LP's.

No. It wasn't his Condor that got me the 10k LP, it was his pod. He had a full head of five standard grade learning implants valued at over 20m each. But lets return to that Condor fit. Why? Someone please answer me why? It's a zero DPS ship. It has NOS not neuts so he cannot cap anyone out, Condors don't have drones so there is no DPS. He has no disruptor or scram so he cannot act as point for a fleet or buddy. He cannot PvP, he cannot tackle and most importantly, he cannot farm faction war complexes as he cannot kill the rat. The only use I can see for that fit is leeching LP's off a militia mate who is already capturing a plex. Oh there is another use for that fit to be honest, delivering juicy pods to me!

S810! Got another corpse for you!


  1. The other day I undocked in my Maelstrom as back-up for a op in another system. A Condor was sitting off the station. I realized I didnt have any ammo loaded, so I loaded some EMP ( 10s) and then locked him up ( god knows how long that takes ) and just as I was about to shoot he says "Wait!" in local. Boom! One shot.

    Cheap kill sure. But still, dude had like 20 minutes to escape! lolz

  2. The condor pilot could have been a defensive plex farming alt. You don't need guns for those. :)

    1. Yes you are right. But, and it's a big but, he was in Notoras, a dead end Gallente system off another Gallente system. He might have been VERY lost I suppose :)