Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Buzz Kill - PvP Style

From the dark days many years ago, when I was a fluffly carebear, I recall there is a level 4 hi-sec mission called "Buzz Kill". The NPC pirates try and swarm you with small ships. It was not my favourite as it was a lot of grinding and the rewards were crap. Anyway, I got a taste of that mission again PvP style last night and it was much more enjoyable......

I logged onto Eve yesterday after getting home from work to see if I could farm some farmers. I blapped a Condor and got my own Thrasher blapped when I chanced taking it into a plex where there was a Firetail (No tank/no prop mod/Arty Thrashers are always a risk when you could land on a target at zero!). I podded to station, grabbed a different type of Thrasher (I have many) but he'd gone by the time I got back.

I ran a few plex's to keep the local home area 'contestedness' (is that even a word?) down, but generally there was a distinct absence of war targets in the area. It was unusually quiet when I left the PC and went and started to cook some food.

Whilst the food was bubbling away, I went to log into DUST. The 40 minutes between cooking stages meant I could get a couple of games in. I started it up and got the error message that the PSN was down for maintenance. This confused me as I thought that was yesterday. Went to the website and it said everything was up. Tried starting DUST again, same error saying the network is down for maintenance. More checking on the web, everything looks OK. Third time trying to log into DUST, goes straight in. These PS3's are wierd! Anyway I've not been on DUST for a week and it shows. If you play a lot, you get more skill points, the more skill points you have the more dangerous your toon is in game. I've clearly slipped back here and rather than being typically top three in every game, I was lurking mid-table.

I suppose I should grind some battles and get my SP back up!

Anyway, eventually the wife gets home and after a nice hot lamb vindaloo which I claimed was actually a mild lamb and potato curry from our Indian cookbook (I even had the cookbook open in the kitchen on that page) we watched some TV together. After token "quality time together" I slipped away to play some more Eve.

Holy squids batman!

There were 7 in system suddenly so I swapped to a Vexor and undocked.

Pro-Tip! Cloaky eye's work best if you are cloaked!

There was a war-target Anathema 50km off station sat still. On D-Scan there was the other six and they were in frigates and destroyers in a medium complex. Mmmmmmm. Six destroyers and frigates verses a cruiser? I asked in corp if anyone want to join the fun whilst slowly approaching the Anathema  I got to 40km and launched a flight of light drones. A quick lock and engage and they chewed through the covert-ops in double-quick time and I then did the same to the guys pod. I assume he got back to his PC at some point and thought "Did I dock up? I don't remember that! Wait, where's my pod?".

Anyway, by the time I land my fat, green ass on the acceleration gate, Tzenick from the Quantum Cats Syndicate was already there in his Coercer. I go in first to see what the rest do. They attacked me! I get a sudden shock as the DPS from them really hammers my shields and the low-shield alarm goes off very quickly. Relax Drack! It's an armour tanked ship! Tzenick warps in and we start going to work.

I start off with a Merlin before moving onto a Hookbill. They are doing the sensible thing and targeting my drones but I keep pulling them and re-launching as the drones are pretty much on top of me. Takes a bit of multi-tasking but I settle into a rhythm.

After a Condor and another Merlin go down and I reassess where we are. I'm in high armour, Tzenick and a Corax are having a kitey fight some 40km from me, and the Corax is in fact the last squid left. So I activate the MWD and burn towards him. Unfortunately I'm not quick enough for Tzenick who goes down to the Corax's final volley before my medium blasters and Hobgoblins dismantle the Corax by force.

It takes me a while to scoop the loot in the armour tanked fat-ass cruiser but when I'm done I have more than enough to cover Tzenick's loss so contract him over all the loot to make up for his dead Coercer.

I admit I have been giving the Caldari Militia some stick over the last week regarding their army of LP farmers, and it was nice to find a group who where here for the fight.

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