Monday, March 18, 2013

Things Returning to Normal in the Warzone

Yesterday I was off sick with man-flu. I'm still bad with it so if this blog post makes no sense it's my bunged up head! After sleeping 14 hours straight I dosed up on tablets and logged onto Eve for a bit. Lately I've not been doing too well. I've being dying horribly and missing kills. Probably not a good idea to log on given my state, but I'm not tired any more so might as well do something.

I hope to break my bad spell with killing some squids and not dying in a fire like I have been the last few days. You ever get that? A losing streak in Eve when everything goes badly no matter what you do? I've been dying far too often lately.

Things do not start well, I find a Rifter on an acceleration gate and go for it in my Tristan. A Kestrel lands five seconds later and that's that!

Anyway, I pod home and grab a Thrasher and head out hoping it'll last long enough that I might need to put more ammo in it!

First up is another Thrasher I snag on the gate and pop and also catch his pod. His ship was PvP fit and he had 45m of implants in his head. Nice to see a proper PvP'r about. So one loss and two kills!

Next is an Atron who I am afraid to say was a farmer. No point and a cloaking device fitted. I killed his pod too for flying that abomination! 

Next up I have an Eve Online Kung Fu moment. I'm sat on a gate and I get a Jaguar on scan so get ready. Jag lands and I point him, guns are pre-overheated and he goes down in three just as a Condor lands which I one volley and get his pod just as an Incursus lands which I also grab, kill and pod.

I follow those up with a Rifter and a Dragoon before coming to a sticky end against an Algos. So not doing bad so far, one T1 frigate and one destroyer down for 13 kills. 

I reship and head back to a gate for a spot of camping and a Sacrilege jumps through. HAC verses destroyer won't end well so I warp to station. He follows, starts to bump me, I dock and undock in my own Sacrilege. How he's not going to agress on Nisuwa station is he? I mean that would be just silly. He's waiting for me to agress which means I'll get the station guns. I ask in corp and a fw seconds later I have a Vexor ready to undock. I agress, he agresses back, Vexor undocks and we fight, someone else undocks and see's a fight going on and joins in (he was a blue). The Sacrilege de-agresses so I overheat the missiles and he pops before he can dock.

Finishing off the session I got a Corax, Kestrel and a Hawk with a few of the other QCats who have gathered at acceleration gate.

18 kills, 2 losses and a lot of good fun. In fact Sunday was the most fun I'd had in FW for a while. But the main thing was, nearly all the kills were PvP fit ships! What has happened? I'm guessing this......

With the Caldari losing war zone control level three a lot of the farmers have stopped as its not as profitable any more. Without the farmers and what I guess is burn-out from the Caldari who started plexing back the warzone in January things have now levelled out. System control is 55/46 to the Caldari but it would seem the Gallente are plexing more as we are getting more victory points. Could this be FW now? One side's plexers burn out, the other takes over until they themselves get burnt out? Are we going to see this see-saw back and forth?

Who knows but Sunday was a super day for PvP!

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