Monday, July 1, 2013

Because of Raven

What a weekend! The flow of war targets was non-stop in northern Black Rise. Things are great currently up there PvP wise. Why? Because of Raven!

What am I going on about? I am talking about this:-

When it comes to easy-to-fly level 4 mission running boats this is king. Gallente boats? Not now with the rat AI that targets drones like they've just insulted your mom! Matari boats? Missioners distrust the rust! Amarr? Unless you go for the Nightmare, meh performance. Missile/shield boats have always the favourite of the mission runner.

A long time ago, in a hi-sec system, far, far away I used to do them with an alt in a Navy Raven! In fact I still have the boat docked up in Fricoure. Even the Golem isn't as good at hi-sec missioning in my opinion. I had both and always prefer the Navy Raven as it had a better mix of DPS and tank. As I used a logistics Noctis (yes, you can make a cap stable salvaging Noctis with a large repper on it) to support the CN Raven I didn't need the utility highs that the Golem provided.

So why is the price of a Navy Raven giving me kills?

The Caldari Miltia has hit tier 3 warzone control which has opened the floodgates. It is the new gold-rush. Everyone wants to farm LP's to buy cheap CN Ravens and sell them at a big profit. Being in militia gets you LP's faster and the goods in the store cost a lot less than in other NPC LP stores.

Another thing that is helping is that the Caldari also have captured 90 systems out of 101. Therefore this is forcing them to come to Gallente base systems to farm their LP. This is giving us a lot of quality kills...... and tears.

Why is it the farmers are the ones who blub the most? We popped a guy using our trademark 'Cockbag Thrasher' camp and he was mad bro. Real mad. Started spouting off in local "How does it feel to be at tier one!". Erm...... same as tier 2, 3, 4 or 5 to be honest. Most of us couldn't give a rats ass. I'd much rather be at tier 1 and have so many fights on my doorstep than be at tier 5 and have to go roaming for targets. It appears these days the militias are full of LP farmers who think Faction War is just here to make money. No, Faction War is about PvP which is in turn about kills and tears.

Anyway, long may it continue I say!

On that note, both Poe and Rixx have been playing with some graphs showing their PvP activity so I thought I'd have a look at mine. Copy and pasting Eve Kill into Notepad and then adding some commas I got a little spreadsheet going. Here are my cumulative kills and losses.

As you can see it was the spring of 09 when I made that uneasy transition from carebear to PvP'r. September 09 was when I really got my feet under the table and started some serious pew-pew. What is really interesting to me here is mid 2009 to mid 2010. I always saw this period as the golden age of Faction War. It is good to see in some respects I was right.

In Faction War you do get massive battleship brawls, but they are rare. Most fighting is done, especially these days, in cruisers and down. This means in terms of ISK, when you kill something expensive it shows up. The graph above shows two spikes. First when we baited Quam expecting the hotdrop so already had batphoned. They dropped three Nyx on our sacrificial carrier and smacked in local. We lit another cyno and friendly super-carriers blotted out the sun. The other spike is when we hotdropped a PL smartbombing Titan in Amamake.

And finally the graph I wanted to see if I was right, is having the Caldari at tier three good for us? Yes! June 2013 is my best month in years and I was away for one week on a business trip back to the UK and didn't get any kills! If I'd have a full 30 days of pew-pew it would be even higher!

P.S. I actially drafted this yesterday afternoon before I logged into Eve. That evening I got several more kills including this billion ISK stealth bomber and his billion ISK pod Full story here at Ways of the Mew. Eight kills are missing from the above and over 2bn ISK..... I just cannot be bothered to update all the graphs :)


  1. Glad you guys are getting your if only you would form some fleets and come fight us while we take your systems...shooting at ihubs gets boring after a while....

    want more fleet fights...:)

    1. Keep killing I hubs. Eventually you'll run into a brick wall. Promise.