Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Killing with a Very Random Fit

I went for a squid (Caldari Militia pilot) in Nisuwa yesterday. They were inside a plex in a Tristan so I swapped to another Tristan and entered their plex hoping they'd stick around. After all we have the same ship! No! They ran off as I landed. Damn State Protectorate farmers! As it was in Nisuwa I decided to run down the plex until there was a minute on the timer. Then warping off would mean any squid entering later would have twice as long to wait to complete the plex, giving us twice as long to notice him and get him before he completed the plex!

Anyway, whilst I'm browsing the web to pass time, Quake590 enters system. He's a good PvP'r and always up for a scrap. He asks me for a 1v1 and I explain I'm running the plex down and will do afterwards in seven minutes time. He goes for a peak down the Abune pipe saying he'll be back after that.

I run the plex down and dock up. I then ponder the choice of ship to duel Quake590's Thrasher.

I've fought him plenty, he's the one who I got the 10mn Arty Thrasher fit from. I know if I go the same (my normal fit but Gyro instead of TE and Phased Plasma ammo) it'll be a pointless fight. We are so close in SP's for the ship and mods that it has, in the past, simply come down to who fired the first shot and therefore will get the final hit. No, don't fancy that.

No point going anything short range. ACs or blasters won't be able to hit him as his optimal is 10km. I kill Coercers in his fit as the afterburner speed and orbit mean lasers have issues tracking, so not using that. Drone boats or neut boats are no good as he has too good range and speed.

So, I need something else. Why not try to quickly throw together an 'anti-Quake590's-Thrasher', Thrasher fit.

He'll have 250mm Scout Artillery guns.
So if I go 280mm T2 my guns will hit harder.

He'll have a 10mn AB.
No point in me having anything like that as he'll be dictating the ship ranges. With my guns, my optimal is his optimal. MWD is pointless as it'll be about the same speed but the signature radius penalty will kill me. So I'll save the PG and let him get me into our shared optimals.

He'll have a DCII as tank and firing phased plasma probably.
So what if I go for a resistance armour tank? I don't have the PG for a buffer due to the BFGs mounted in the top rack, but I do have CPU for resistance mods. I don't need damage mods as my guns will probably kick out more DPS than his.

So there I have it. A 'Cockbag Thrasher' style top rack. A 1mn AB, long point and web in the mids. Two armour resistance mods in the lows. Finally one current router and two armour rigs.

I have the advantage here. I'm in my home station and I can guess what he'll be bringing. I have created a wierd looking fit which I will be dismantling after this one fight. It looks a shit-fit, but its been hastily designed to counter one man, and one ship.

If he's not fit how I'm assuming he is, I'm dead and will have a lol-mail on my KB.

Anyway, Quake590 returns after soloing two Dramiels (!!!) and we fleet up and meet up in space.

He lands fairly close to me so I burn away whilst locking and going mods hot. My initial messing with 'keep at distance' and activating the prop mod means he gets first shot. My shields plummet by 33%. My bigger 280mm's fire and his shields are cut in half. So the DPS on shields is in my favour.

We trade shots with my guns generating heat like Mila Kunis in a sauna! I'm pretty confident one of us will die before they burn out so I just leave them on overheat.

I'm getting low armour as he pops.

Good fights are exchanged and I warp back to station with the spoils of war.

Not a greatly fair fight tbh. I specifically fit something to counter his expected load-out. However, I don't feel bad about this as I have killed him before and he's immediately come back in a ship to counter what I was flying and killed me.

All is fair in love, war and Eve Online.

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