Friday, July 12, 2013

Don't Tell Those *******rs ANYTHING!

In some respects I was a bit disappointed in Fanfest 2013.

The drinking was good, the people were amazing and a good time was had by all, except our livers. From the first day visiting waterfalls and geysers to the last day floating in the Blue Lagoon with all the important internet spaceships in between, it was a good trip. However I did have one big gripe.....

The amount of Eve Online (not DUST, it is important to make that distinction) "ZOMG! I cannot wait for THAT!" moments were really thin on the ground. I mean really, really thin. DUST Bunnies had something along those lines every four and a half minutes on average throughout Fanfest (statistics supplied by the Drackarn Fake Statistics Unit) but for Eve, very, very little.

Generally at Fanfest 2013 the Dust Bunnies got:-

And we got:-

(of the lack of specific details from this presentashun)

In the past we've been treated to concept ideas and mock ups of things that might be seen in the future. But at Fanfest 2013 it was relatively quiet in this area. We got told, again and again - exploration, doing more things, building stargates, stuff like that. A lot of none specific, broad-brush plans.


Well I'm back on this track after Mat Westhorpe aka Seismic Stan chased CCP regarding the picture in picture proposed a couple of years ago. That was another "ZOMG! I cannot wait for THAT!" from Fanfest 2011. Anyway, after some chasing Matt/Stan got a reply. I'll not repeat his post on Game Skinny, you can either read that yourself there or just see the picture below:-

Now add to the POS revamp ideas of 2012 (the tongue-in-cheek Minecraft in space picture), remember that.....

...... and we've had our hopes raised and then dashed yet again. Is this why Fanfest 2013 was about comics, collectors box sets and TV shows with little or no "ZOMG! I cannot wait for THAT!" moments in regard to Eve Online?

I'm a bit worried for Fanfest 2014 now. Are CCP going to be even more careful and give us even less "ZOMG! I cannot wait for THAT!" moments?

Is player backlash when something hyped up and then dropped (as it is to much of a PITA for them) too scary? So rather than get our hopes up, the new plan is to stay quiet?

I really hope not!

Hilmar showed us the door at FF13 (the one in the captains quarters! He didn't throw us out!). Making no promises and giving no detail other than 'we'll see at Fanfest next year'.

We had bloody better!

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