Wednesday, October 22, 2014


I've come to the realisation that I'm bored with Eve! In fact I'm generally bored, pissed off and fed with a lot of things at the minute but Eve is getting to me currently. To be honest you'd be better off navigating away from this post right now and picking something more interesting off the side-bar to the right.

I enjoy writing about Eve. I enjoy the Eve community. However, the game itself is just pissing me off at the moment.

Whilst this month has not been great for game-time generally as its been a public holiday, my wedding anniversary weekend away and the wife's parents have been over to stay, I have only had two fights all month. In 22 days, I've fought twice... and lost both times. I am really bad at Eve.

Its hard enough to find a fight (I don't call a bait frigate sat in a FW plex with support hiding a few AU away. Smeg, if you want to kill my Kestrel with that Stabber Fleet Issue after tackling with your bait frigate then you must be more desperate than me for kills!) and its not fun when after 30 minutes of roaming you finally lose the 1v1 you've been looking for. I've been like this for most of 2014. Lacking Eve mojo to actually play the game. My kills has shown this very clearly:-

Stagnant faction war, lack of PvP'rs in the area/time zone and its all led to a lot of Titanfall, Stronghold Kingdoms, X-Com, a little Elite Dangerous (docking is a pain in the ass!) and a few other games. The release of Civilisation: Beyond Earth on Friday is going to be another game sucking away my Eve time.

Therefore I have decided I will stay up late Friday night. I will play Eve until the early hours until you damn Euro's get on and you unemployed Yanks drag yourself out of bed. I will play Saturday morning when the rest of America is on and pewing.


Right, blog post done, time for some Titanfall.


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  1. And here I am on the exact opposite side of this particular coin... I have had my EVEnings totally invigorated and I am having moar fun than I have in the last year, if not 2... Heck I have written moar post in this last months than I have like ever...

    But... I did take an uscheduled and undesired break for a few months there... may have had sumthin to do with it. =] Good Luck Drack!