Monday, October 13, 2014

Why Not Fire a Titan's Doomsday Weapon... Today!

I have no plans to put Drackarn in a Titan. No point for the style of game I play in Eve Online. I prefer small gang and solo PvP rather than TiDi heavy null-sec mash-F1 fests. However, I, like I am sure most people, would love to try flying a Titan and firing a doomsday device at some point just to try it.

Well currently you can!

Get yourself a Test Server install sorted. Its fairly easy. You need to copy your Eve-O directory to a folder called Test Server or something simliar so you know which is which and then make a new short cut with an extra command in it. All the official instructions are here:-

Done that? Right!

Patch your test server client.
Log into Singularity.
Select Redeem Items in the bottom panel on the character selection screen.
Oh look, you have one of each Titan there! Drag and drop your chosen Titan to your character you wish to use.

"But Drackarn, I don't have the skills for a Titan and it would take me a year to train up just to be able to sit in it!"

No it won't! We have magic on the test server. It'll only take you as long as it takes you to do these few simple steps:-

Join the chat channel "moveme"
Type "capitalships"
A CCP bot will confirm your request and ask you to leave the channel. Do as it asks!
You know have all titan skills, capital weapon skills and doomsday skills to level V.

Now get fitting that Titan up! My GSM (giant space mushroom) aka Avatar had 18 million EHP, 5000 DPS (I stuck some smartbombs on there) and more importantly.... a THREE MILLION DAMAGE ZOMGDIEDIEDIE LASOOOOOR BEAM OF DEATH!

Now you have your Titan go and break the game and submit a bug report when you do! Remember, Titans can use stargates and fire their doomsday weapon in low-sec now!

I did a test logging in an alt and getting her into a titan too. I just had to fire that big gun at least once!

Oh yes, superweapons are awesome!

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