Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Module Tiericide - Don't Call Me Shirley

There is some concern currently that during the tiericide of the modules the name changing is going to hit the lore hard. I agree it would be nice to see the name and know what it does. I didn't see a problem initially. However as a lore fan I'm starting to realise what we might be getting into.

The plan is to rename modules to be readily recognisable in their 'speciality':-
  • Upgraded- Used for named modules where no specialization is possible
  • Compact- Used for named modules that specialize in reduced fitting cost
  • Enduring- Used for named modules that specialize in lower cap use or otherwise longer running time
  • Ample- Used for named modules that specialize in extra capacity
  • Scoped- Used for named modules that specialize in longer range
  • Restrained- Used for named modules that specialize in reduced drawbacks

OK, lets look at light missile launchers which were one of the first to be done. Ignoring the faction/COSMOS/Officer/Deadspace and generally expensive ones, and just looking at the meta ones we had, the ones that dropped as everyday loot:-
  • Civilian Light Missile Launcher
  • Light Missile Launcher I
  • TE-2100 Light Missile Launcher
  • 'Limos' Light Missile Launcher
  • 'Arbalest' Light Missile Launcher
  • 'Malkuth' Light Missile Launcher

You needed to use missiles regularly to know that Arbalest was the best before T2 but it wasn't that hard. Now I'm all for CCP wanting helping new players, unless they want help in their own language, but now what do we have?
  • Civilian Light Missile Launcher
  • Light Missile Launcher I
  • Compact Light Missile Launcher
  • Ample Light Missile Launcher

Obvious? Yes. Inspiring? Nope. Geeky? Nope. Boring? Yup!

OK its easy for people to know which is which now. Compact Light Missile Launcher? Oh thats the one with lower fitting costs. Ample? That one I can stick extra missiles in! Thats good... but its so boring. Ample Missile Launcher is... erm.... ample!

It would be much better to keep the unique name and just add the new identifier word to it. If that might confuse some people by using old names, simply invent new ones. Here's some simple ideas:-
  • Civilian Light Missile Launcher
  • Light Missile Launcher I
  • X-84 Compact Light Missile Launcher
  • Ruthless Ample Light Missile Launcher

Still clear what the module is for, 263% more sci-fi and 697% more interesting!

There is a reason MMOG's don't name their gear "Leather Armour +50 hitpoints" or "Long Sword of 154 DPS" or crap like that, its boring and doesn't help with immersion!

Come on CCP, we joking refer to Eve Online as Spreadsheets in Space but you don't have to reinforce that by making all module names boring!


  1. But from a lore point of view. What was 'Albarest' or 'Limos'?
    What do they refer to? What is this lore that we losing out on? What is the story behind the old names?

    1. Not sure there is a real back story. Personally I prefer to see a more sci-fi name than just Ample or Compact.

    2. But for some of the other dyslexics out there, we get to see Apple light missile launcher, keeping the Doctor away since 2014

  2. Creo drone makes the Ishtar, a variant of the vexor.

    An arms manufacturer makes the "arbalest" a variant light missile launcher.

    When someone uses an AK-47, I'm describing a particular rifle-type weapon. A non-user won't know the difference between it and an an UZI machine pistol, except that neither are like a Walther PPK that some spy guy uses, which is completely different from my Harley-Davidson.

    I wish they would keep the lore, but simplify what they mean. Make Arbalest the name of the weapons manufacturer that makes weapons that are of highest range - for ALL WEAPONS types. So Arbalest LML, Arbalest pulse lasers, arbalest rails, etc. We'll quickly associate "arbalest" with range, and perhaps "Scout" for easiest fitting, "PWNAGE" for greater capacity . . . whatever. Give us a sci-fi brand name, we'll associate it with it property. Just be consistent across all weapon systems.

  3. Why not simply insert the new name inside the old?

    "'Limos' Compact Light Missile Launcher" "TE-2100 Ample Light Missile Launcher" or whatever.