Wednesday, February 24, 2016

BB72 - Is This the Way to Jove Space?

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Blog Banter 72 - This is the Road (map) to.....

This month's suggestion comes from Jakob Anedalle

"What do you think about using Sugar's recent blog post as a kickoff for a Blog Banter. I think it's a great open-ended topic:

You know what? That's all it needs. A great open ended topic!
Banter on!

I've always liked the old "Future Vision" video. You know, this one!

I'd like CCP to still be aiming for it. OK it's been a bumpy ride and so far the only success story from the three elements is the flying in space bit.

Flying in Space
Should remain top priority and to be fair CCP Seagull's roadmap probably doesn't need many tweaks. Ship balancing and module tiericide should be an ongoing process. Milestones should be included on any five year road map but it should be like painting any steel bridge. Once you've reached the end and completed it, it's time to restart again.

Our new Space Houses are going to probably be a main feature for the first two years of any 2016 roadmap. Remember the launch of the Citadel expansion in May time (I'm guessing) will only introduce the first of seven types of "Space House". Drilling Platforms, Observation Arrays, Laboratories and more are yet to come. These will trickle out over the next year to 18 months at a guess.

Then at the same time we have the capital rebalance. Carriers sending fighters 100's of kilometres to engage. Dreadnoughts using grapples and high-angle guns to murder battleships. Titans carving sub-cap fleets in half with their slicing doomsday.

New space has been talked about for ages and I think this will be Jove Space. New space, new rules. I had been worried about this new space simply becoming Goon HQ however with now a commertial enterprise I think we'll see Goons-Lite. They are already emerging. We Don't Want to Ruin THE Game - We Want to... Be Your Friend and Sell You Stuff.

Walking in Stations
I've said this many times. We wanted WiS. We were excited for it. The CCP dropped the ball. Well, that's a bit of an understatement. The aftermath, the newsletter, the email. It tainted WiS. However I do believe that to be a truly immersive sci-fi simulator we do need more WiS. You know what my sell it to the masses? Well, I don't know if you know but VR is a big deal right now. CCP have had huge investment in its VR labs. What if WiS went VR? Corporation and Alliance offices? The actual NEX store where you can walk around and see the goods? The bars where you can buy boosters (after they have been taken off the market) and gamble. Now that would be immersive!

Boots on the Ground
I like FPS games. Call of Duty, Titanfall. I bought a PS3 for Dust in Beta. Hated it. Every few months after a major patch I'd update it and try it again. I wanted to like it. I'm a Eve fan-boi! I should like it. No, I didn't and couldn't as much as I tried. CCP need to learn lessons from DUST514 and also from those that have been highly successful. The aforementioned CoD, Titanfall and other spunkgargleweewee games as Yahtzee calls them. Take their best bits! Remember copying from one is plagiarism, copying from many is research.

Expanding into the Unknown
This is likely to be the topic for Blog Banter 73. What other genres could CCP move into. I have one I'd love to see... but lets save that for next month!


  1. o/ I agree with everything you have said drackarn partcularly the WIS side of thing and although I want it, I worry it will have an impact on pilots in space, especially if there is competitive isk to be had.
    Thinking new I would be interested to see if there could be a split betweesn PVP and PVE class ships, at the moment we fit differently, but what if we had bonuses or countermeasures on ship hull that are PVE orientated. and the opposite, just a quick thought. o7

  2. "We wanted WiS."

    Let's be careful with who you include in that "we." I am not diametrically opposed to walking in stations. However, I wouldn't sacrifice any work on core, spaceship related game play in order to get it. And that is the price. The team only has so many people. We want walking in stations, we have to give up on something else.

    Sacrificing work on core game play, which is what we're all here for now, in order to chase a feature that might attract some new players sounds like folly.