Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Flexible eWar?

A comment was made on Monday's post about the heavy grapple. Could the principals of high-strength/short range eWar with falloff be rolled out further to other types?

WARNING - This is a "brainstorming" post. I'm thinking and typing. Plus I have only a short break after a full days work before I have a full night's work. Beware of my rambling....

Yes I think this could be a good one to do. A disruptor with a 5km range and a 25km falloff. At 5km it has one point of warp disruption strength. This then drops away to 0.1 at 40km. Obviously on a normal ship once it drops to 0.99999 the ship could warp away (6km), but what if you have two people pointing it? Or three? At 40km providing you have several people pointing the ship it might stack up to being enough to hold someone down.

This would be a good one for the potential ideas surrounding cap rebalance. A scram with a 1km range but +6 warp scram. This drops off the further you get away. With the idea that supers in the future can be pointed providing you have enough points this could mean its a handy BS module for holding down the big boys! Also gets BS into close combat with supers and their new high-angle anti-BS weapons.

Sensor Damps?
Same as the Grappler really. At 10km they have a huge effect. As you make range they still can damp you but the amount they damp you is reduced the further you are away. For targeting range this isn't much use, but for sensor strength it could make a huge difference. Get those logi jammed and having to retarget with a 90% reduction to scan resolution? Nah, don't think these would work in this style!

Tracking Disruptors?
Not sure about these either. They already have a falloff and if you are close enough to a BS for these to hit you at their potential high strength it won't matter as you are so close. If you are sniping then a standard tracking disruptor is designed for long range. Not sure these would work in the same way as the heavy stasis grapple.

ECM already has a falloff and whilst the strength doesn't drop it has a similar effect. The further out you are beyond optimal, the less chance of jamming your target. May be they could be like the Navy Griffin. Higher strength than the standard ECM module but a much shorter optimal. Then again that might make point-blank brawling problematic if everyone has an ECM module with high strength. Nope! Leave ECM out of this!

Target Painting?
Another that already has optimal and falloff. May be some benefit to a BS version that has a much shorter optimal and fall off (30+60km for a T2 painter so a max of 90km) but much higher power. 60% signature bloom but 2-3km optimal and a 10km fall off?

When I started this post I thought the idea behind the heavy stasis grapple could be repeated with all eWar. That's clearly not the case. Some will work well, some you may ask what's the point, others would be bad for the game.

I'll leave this all to Fozzie, he'll do a better job than me!

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  1. Everyone on the forum seemed to think the grapple was for BSs, but if you think backwards from carrier = long range dps and ewar platform, these modules make way more sense. Think about dread's New ewar "resistance".