Monday, February 8, 2016

Grapple Mania!

Fozzie has announced the plans for a new battleship/capital only mid-slot module. The Heavy Stasis Grapple. Continuing the previous theme of eWar with higher strength than seen before but with poor range (like the Navy Griffin), these webs have an optimal of only 1km (3km when overheated) but have up to 87.5% speed reduction (for the officer versions). They also have falloff. So you can web out to around 23km but the power drops off as your target makes range (less than 10% web effect at 19km). Note that overheating does not affect total falloff, only optimal. It also doesn't get affected by links or hull bonus (your Vindicator will not turn this into a medusa module!).

I guess the idea of these modules are to tie-down the smaller ships, especially things like the Svipul. Get under the battleships guns and you find yourself in the grasp of pretty much Vindicator strength webs!

My guess is these will be popular on rapid heavy missile fits with missile computers. Lure the tackle in, spank it. However what about that range? Probably too low? With a Navy web having a 14km optimal and a 60% slowing effect, why drop 93% range for that extra 25% speed reduction? Well looks to be the fall off and the ability to overheat.

At 14km the heavy grapple will be about only about 28% speed reduction effect. It jumps to over 45% if overheated.

The other issue is none missile boats. Hitting something like a destroyer at 1km away even with a strong web? I'm not sure it'll work as well. Tracking computers might help but I think heavy missiles will be the way to go. 

My first reaction was they needed a range buff. Now I think its clever thinking on CCP's part. These are not just simple on or off modules. These need careful use and managing. Heating will probably be absolutely critical to using them effectively. You can see more details on Fozzie's forum post linked at the start.


  1. Ooooh... The new Nidhoggur bonus will be? I was wondering how that was going to work.

    So next we should see short range high strength ecm, damps, tracking disruption.

    I'm assuming webs will be best for ratting and we'll see the price of Nids go up?

    1. Fozzie said they are thinking but not actively working on other eWar apparently

  2. And what about blaster ships?
    Many have a hard time hitting anything ouside the grappler optimal.

    1. Yeah that's what I meant. At 1km large blasters may have problems